Hello Tuesday!

Tuesday, I love you because you are much kinder than Monday. I love you because snapshots and memories from my weekend are still freshly embedded in my memory, and I love you because it’s good to know my week has already been underway…. 

Friday, a wonderful hour and a half was spent in the car with my beloved Husband. We drove to Ione, WA to soak up some sun and some much needed R&R. Reflection, rest, and relaxation were waiting for me! Waiting for us! And oh was it lovely! We had a 3 hour nap, church on the river, and an afternoon in a kayak watching bald eagles, birds, and soaking in God’s beautiful creations!

 I found a treasure on the fridge, my twinsie and favorite Auntie many many years ago!

 This week starts our first annual VBS at my home church. It is an honor to be hanging out with these kids each night. Watching them serve, dance, sing and worship Jesus is definitely something I can learn from. 

Sunday I was reminded that my favorite started 3rd grade on Monday morning! My goodness time flies, I am so excited to see what she learns this year, and how God uses her! I am certain there are humongo plans ahead for her. 

His hair says it all (I will say I am uber jealous of the nap that created this stylish do). He’s a spitfire full of humor! I just love him!

Last but not least, these songs were what filled my head through the weekend. Remembering at all times, He is faithful, He is the only one able to revive a broken spirit.

Fully knowing that if this song is my prayer, He will always want to be all this for me and through me.. For my Good and his everlasting Glory.


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