What a week, what a week!

This woman that I happen to share a birthday with is one of my heroes. Not only is she beautiful, inside and outside but, she happens to be a fantastic Mother. She carries that title well!
Spent a night celebrating with my pops… I loved every bite of the chocolate lush he made me.
My boss helped me feel well loved early Monday morning. She knows me too well, I love flowers!
My man and I spent part of the evening of my birthday at the spot we had our very first date! Then we hopped over to the local Froyo and I spent birthday #3 in a row with a group of my favorites!
That night he made sure to one up my boss and make me feel VERY well loved and surprised me with these babies! I was fully under the impression that these tickets were not in the budget this year…. Boy did he trick me!
Whoop whoop! A weekend in Seattle trips are my favorite, especially with my man!
I bought myself a keepsake for a beautiful reminder of what I lost. African Violets are stunning to me, and they are absolutely precious just like a loss, treasured.

September 11th I was lucky to work at the Spokane Fair and help support our troops and those who have served our country and those who have lost their lives serving our country. This was quite the Honor!
And last but certainly not least…. This cutie was the messenger of PINK news that will be welcomed come February. I couldn’t be more happy for my bestie and I cannot wait to love on that sweet babe! Congrats Mr & Mrs. Stewart!!!

This one week was full, busy, and amazing! I am praising Jesus and welcoming another year of refinement and worship!Β 

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