What’s stirring in your heart?

Many times as I sit to write out my weekly Tuesday blog, I find myself speechless. I find myself in a situation where my thoughts and prayers are abundant but my words are few. There’s not doubt my Lord specifically planned it this way. It’s that weekly subtle nudge to thoughtfully consider my words and how I want them to come across or inspire.

Some days, like today, I find that my words are so few that I struggle to find a ‘topic’ or I struggle digging out pieces of me to share and expose.
But today, I find that I have a stirring in my heart. A sense of expectation and of patient waiting. I can feel it through my bones a gentle whisper of my Lord prompting me keep my eyes open. To taste and see that He is good. To open my eyes a little more to His story. It’s all around me. I am blind, praying constantly to see the light, the bigger picture.
But today, my heart is stirring in such a way, I have no words. The stillness within me is surrendering, and expectant of His will to be done. So maybe The Lord is prompting me, leading me, preparing me… Maybe The Lord is opening my eyes, my heart, all to be transformed by his grace and mercy in his perfect plan. 
Today, my heart feels invaded by the Blood of Jesus and wrapped in his graciousness. Wrapped in his contentment.

 Lord, let me not forget this. Let the stirring bring forth fruit. Let the stirring be purposeful. Lord, let it be for your glory.

What’s stirring in you? What’s happening in your heart today? 


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