A little bang for your buck

I love DYI projects! I might like them more than I love Tuesdays!
And what I especially love about this particular one is that it only cost about $17 and took about 1 hour of my time start to finish!
Items you need:
Holiday decor of your choice
Wooden monogram of your choice
1 small can of coordinating colored spray paint 
1 roll (3yards) of 3inch ribbon
1 small roll of ribbon for hanging
Hot glue gun
And one 10″ styrofoam round wreath
All I did was wrap the wreath with the 3inch ribbon and fasten with a small amount of hot glue at the start of wrapping and the end of wrapping. Ensuring that the glue was on the back side of the wreath. I layered my holiday/seasonal decor and hot glued it in my desire spot. 
At this point I remember I should have probably spray painted my letter first to allow time for drying. So I paused my project and spray painted! 
Next- which I should have done last- was wrap my other ribbon around to allow for hanging. Because I’m a cheater I tied a loop knot first then wrapped the ribbon and fasted it with glue on the back side of the wreath. 
Lastly I placed my letter and secured it with glue.
Viola! You have a craft! Now, I am well aware these directions are not detailed, and I am well aware my little project is far from perfect or maybe even qaulity. But for under $20 my heart is happy to have a festive fall decoration hanging from our front door to welcome our guests!

This next project was even cheaper. Depending how many different varieties you want! I, however, bought a pack of assorted paper for about $5-8. So you could cheat and do just a few 12×12 pieces of paper for less than $1 each. 
I made 6 coasters out of Modge podge, paper, and 4×4 white tiles and also adhesive cork.
The tiles were about 16 cents a piece. The cork was about $3-5. The Modge podge, if you don’t already have it, can be the largest expesense, however, it lasts forever. This go around I chose a sparkle one!
I cut my paper into 4×4 as well as the cork. I hot glued the cork to the bottom of the tile to ensure the stickiness stays. Once dry, I then placed my paper on top of the tile and smeared Modge podge in a generous even amount over every corner. Once dried, I applied a second coat. Let it dry completely before using and be sure to watch for air bubbles and smooth those out as quickly as possible. 
See, easy! Again, not great instructions but these aren’t difficult projects. And they surely aren’t intended to last forever. 
Happy Tuesday and have fun discovering the crafty side of yourself! You won’t regret it!


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