Happy Birthday Madison! 10/8/2004

Seattle Bound.
Just me and my man. A much needed 3 day weekend. This trip was especially nice because it included, the one and only, Josh Groban. Live in Concert.
My Hubs blessed me with amazing seats.
Brave. I LOVE the song he opened with.

Selfie’s at the Key Arena.

 I will admit I have a major celeb crush on him. However, he (Josh Gorban) surely doesn’t measure up to the man I married. No one can replace the man I married or even come close to being him. Ever. I thank God for him, always.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly my brain forgets important things. For instance, a hot curling iron. On occasions like this, I become only slightly concerned about the efficiency of my memory.

My man and I have taken a handful of trips to Seattle together. I love my trips with him. He happens to be my favorite. Without fail, every drive home we stop at ‘looking’ point where there is a rock covered in names. I make it point to bring my sharpie every time.

Marshill Church. It was a great Sunday morning spent with a couple of our favorites. I enjoyed walking into their world for a weekend. This was part of the package. Pastor Mark spoke about the 4th commandment. It was convicting to say the least. I find it amusing that the moment I walked out of that building and made up my mind to find peace, joy, and purpose in resting, and filling my ‘bucket’ at night so that I may be emptied through the following day, the enemy wasted no time to swoop in rob me. As I woke Monday morning (and shamefully, Tuesday), not only was I severely disappointed in myself and my shortcomings, I had a terrible attitude and a heart that resembled coal more so than Jesus. This could be a lesson in itself. A blog in itself. As my day progressed I remembered that if I just consistently choose Jesus I can survive one more day. I was reminded that I am giving Him authority, and power to redeem my coal like qualities. I am thankful for His mercies, and His patience as I fight the daily battle of my flesh. That when I focus more on Him, He will give me the strength to fight again, and the forgiveness I don’t often give myself.

This little one turns 9 today. Again, the amazing part is I thought, surely she was 10 this year. I am definitely becoming more and more entertained with myself, and more thankful for a blog to help me remember accurately what happens in my life.
 It melts my heart when I consider the young woman she is becoming. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t long to spend an afternoon with her. This is another situation where in fact, I must constantly remind myself that His ways are better, and His plans are greater. I cannot imagine my life without her. And I certainly hope that I am lucky enough to not miss many more birthdays.
Happy Birthday to my little Mermaid. To the one who stole my heart from the first cry. Happy Birthday to a princess inside and out. Jesus loves you, and your purpose in life is Great. So great it cannot be measured. You, Madison, are a daughter of the Most High King. You are a treasure, a co-heir with Christ. Don’t let anything else define you. You are precious. To me, and Him. I am certainly, one blessed Auntie.
xox- TeeTee


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