Photos, I just love them!


I am a daughter if the Most high King. 
That is my name.

These three are quite possibly the most fun chica’s around! We had the pleasure of hanging out with these three for a solid 24 hours. I can say with full confidence, it was the best 24 hours!

We made some crafts to prep for the Christmas holiday. Talk about creativity! These girls are full to overflowing with creativity! 

I’m loving this constant analogy if the gorgeous work that Gods doing in our lives at the Brooks home. I love being the garden pruned by the ultimate Gardener! I can only hope to one day be as beautiful as these new blooms.
Okay- seriously Spokanites, if you haven’t done this before I want to challenge you to do this! Blessings Under the Bridge, a great ministry and opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Serving the homeless, clothing the needy, and feeding the hungry. I’m pretty sure we all walked away more blessed than those we severed. It a rockin’ experience, and I can gaurentee you won’t regret it!

These girls…. My besties…. Momma B, bestie L. Love them, blessed by them, and cherish them. It just so happens I even like serving with them!
These boys, make my heart leap! One my hubby, obviously, I’m like head over heels for that stud. The other, He’s got the coolest testimony, and a heart of gold. I’m stoked for his journey, and heart for Jesus, and I’m more excited to watch it all unfold! 
What a great weekend, what a great week. More to come soon! Gods doing crazy things in the Brooks Household!


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