My Father


You see my inmost being; you know full well the desires of my heart. In this season of refinement, I’m still asking why. I’m still squinting to see the vision. On days where it seems all hope is lost, can’t you just touch my shoulder, just a simple whisper will do. You’ve promised to never leave me, but why are you so quiet? I know I’m not asking much, but I need you.


Thank you father for the sweet promises you’ve given me. Thank you father for the desires you’ve placed in the depths of my heart. You’ve promised to never change, and I trust you. Father, I am crazy about the little one(s) you have yet to give us. Who I might be a momma to, and what they might become, I am crazy in love. I know they will be rooted in you, the author and creator and sustainer of their tiny little lives. I can’t wait to meet them. Thank you planting in me the desire to day dream of those little ones, and planting the desire to trust that your story is far better than my own. Thank you for being in control when I feel like chaos.




Thank you for being so good. I am forever thankful that you know exactly what is to come and what is yet to be. Jesus you have been so tender, loving, and sweet. Thank you, I love you.









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