My Little Cashew

Today has been by far the most surreal moment of my life. Never once did I imagine that I would be lucky enough to experience any of this. I was truly held captive by the label I was given – Infertile. This has proven to me that I am no longer bound by any titles, and My Lord and Savior is much more Majestic and Holy and Profoundly present in my every moment.
It’s a super short video and really hard to see, but if you can watch closely you can see his/her little flickering heart!!
This little one is showing off a quick Fetal Heart Rate of 175. A heart beat! A living breathing little one specifically created for a divine purpose and loved more than my little words can express. I have never experience a heart beat before, it is the most humbling experience. I am speechless!
Our little one is measuring at 8 weeks and 3 days, which is way different than I expected but they have assured me that is it perfectly healthy and his/her growth rate is 85.6% and a crown to rump length of 1.96cm! In four short weeks this cashew (as my dear friend L named it) grew from .13cm to 1.96cm! WOW, isn’t that amazing!? My heart could explode, the miracle of life…. Speechless I tell you! I keep giggling and am in shock that this is actually happening…. this is real… It’s still early, but wow! 
So for those of you interested here’s my update:
Signs/Symptoms: Bloating, for sure bloating. I have fully convinced myself that by the end of the day I could pass as having a bump. Still nauseous throughout the day, but it is getting MUCH better, thank you Lord! Pretty fatigued still, and some other normal symptoms. 

Morning sickness: Gag, gag, gag…. But like I said, getting soo much better!

Weight gain/loss: According to the OB visit today I have lost 3 pounds. She isn’t concerned thankfully!

Cravings/aversions: Anything SUPER cold, and any drinks LOTS of crushed ice! There is a local coffee shop that has Bagel Sandwiches loaded with cheese and cream cheese and ham, then you heat it up nice and hot….. YUM, oh my gosh, I could eat that 3x a day. Vitamin Water is definitely doing the trick for me!

Best Moment: 175 beat per minute! Wow…I got a million pictures and even a handful in 3D! I was amazed! Coming home and sharing all this news with my Husband and watching his eyes light up, amazing! Worth every tear, every heartache. I love that man something fierce! 


17 thoughts on “My Little Cashew

  1. Such a beautiful sight indeed and wonderful little heartbeat! I noticed that you measured 8+3, but said it was off. How far along are you actually? I didn't realize we were so close together.


  2. Well, last appointment then were telling me I was a week ahead, so if I stick to what they told me previously, I should be 9+3 (as of yesterday). As long they tell me everything is normal and great, I will just trust that they know what's going on… I've never made it this far in previous pregnancies so I don't know what to expect. So, I don't mind that we're a little behind, but right on time according to them…? If that makes any sense 🙂 XOX


  3. Oh my gosh, you have just been through so much! I am praying for you and that family of yours! If you need ANYTHING please don't hesistate! You are so loved sweet friend! XOXO Thank you 🙂


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