Memory Lane

Holy buckets life is FLYING right by me. I simply cannot believe that we are in June… And June is one of my favorite months! Why you ask? Well, my mother has come to visit the last 2 years in June. 
A successful trip to ULTA only happens if you happen to try ALL the makeup on your hand! 
I have been wanting to start wearing more bold colors on my kisser. I found a great red by Smash Box called Legendary. I was so sad when we found out it was sold out. So instead I went on the hunt for the next best thing. Fortunately I still brought home some Smash Box gloss to wear alone or over the lip stick. I love it!
We got lucky with warm weather and a shopping trip for some new clothes, I love clothes. Then we ended the night at one of our most favorite places, The Elk. If you are ever downtown, that is a fabulous place to eat, indoors or outdoors. 

I saved this for last, even though it was part of our shopping day, but I am IN LOVE with this polish. I have always loved the ULTA brand, but this color! My oh my, it is awesome! The only down side is it takes 3 coats and it was tacky for longer than I expected. In the future I will certainly have to remember this to avoid smudges and dings. Bonus, the polish was on sale for $2 a piece. 
My other, and most favorite reason why I love June is because…. It’s our Anniversary! 6.8.13 was quite possibly one of my most favorite days ever. Our wedding was absolutely flawless in every way possible. 



We laughed, we cried and we celebrated hard! My dress was my mothers that I restyled and surprised her with. I also wore her veil as well. I couldn’t have asked for a better day. At the end of the party my Husbands friends tossed him in the river. I was less than pleased at first, then got over it! 
As we close this chapter and open the next there are so many amazing things the Lord is doing and new beginnings coming. As we pack up our first home and move on to the next chapter we are overwhelmingly blessed by the goodness and graciousness of the Lord. Although this year didn’t look as we thought, it still exceeded my expectations. 
Love you, Connor B. With all that I am. 

17 thoughts on “Memory Lane

  1. Oh man. I was going to say that your wedding dress was the most fabulous thing I'd ever seen, but then I saw your cake…and now I'm just not sure which one is more amazing. I can't believe the dress was your mom's!! That is so awesome!


  2. Your wedding looked absolutely beautiful and so did you! I love your make up colors. I don't know if I could pull those off, but they look amazing on you!


  3. Loving the lipstick and nail polish colors. So happy you got to visit your mom and happy anniversary! What a lovely bride you made. You dress and veil were gorgeous and I'm sure it meant so much to your mother that you wore them. Still thinking of you daily. XO

    Mel @ There Is a Highe Hope (


  4. Someday when I am really brave I will post the before and after pics of the dress! HAHA, It was soo 1980's with puffly sleeves and all. The cake, was DELISH, we also had yellow and grey cake pop's for the guests. 🙂


  5. Thanks Amie!! It was fun wearing her dress, and it was a total surprise to her. She has told me to actually throw it away when I had asked if I could use a piece of it for my dress… Little did she know I didn't toss it, I just made a few adjustments and rocked it!


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