Birthday Season II

photo 5

September is always the biggest Birthday month. As you may remember from last September we has a handful of birthdays to celebrate. Nothing’s changed and I’m certain that one day we’ll just have more birthday’s to add on!

Without further A-do!

To the Auntie:

You are the best! Always positive, always fun, and Connor LOVES you! I’ve only been in the family for a short time comparatively, but I like it, and I love it with you in it. You are solid, consistent and quite funny! I’ve really enjoyed being a part of your life and you in mine πŸ™‚

To the Momma-in-Law:

There are no words that I could say to accurately sum up the love I have for you. The support and love and compassion you have shown me are by far more than I deserve. The encouragement and prayers have come in a timely fashion and you are a wonderful momma to 3 very amazing kiddos, not to mention an amazingΒ Nee-Mah to so many grandbabies! Love you to the moon and back, always!


To the Sister(s)-in-Law (C + S):

I’ve been able to spend lots of time with you two and become kinda close to you. I can’t imagine my life without having two more sisters. You were raised by the Momma-in-Law and so obviously you two have big hearts, lots of compassion, tons of forgiveness, and loads of love for your family, and fantastic momma’s to beautiful babes. To see a family that functions and operates out of the Love of our Lord is encouraging and inspiring. I’m pretty darn proud to watch your families grow (in number and in spirit), I’m also pretty darn proud to know and be a part of that family.

Momma C and her little man

Momma C and her little man

Momma S and baby Girl due 2015

Momma S and baby Girl due 2015


To the Sissy:

My best friend, my womb mate, my secret keeper, my support, the other half of who I am. Quite possibly the better half. You are strong, courageous, a fighter, a hero, a fantastic momma. Sharing a Birthday with you is my favorite. It gives me a really good excuse to just celebrate my Birthday, big time πŸ˜‰Β  Thank you for flying up here when I needed someone the most, caring for me at my weakest, and encouraging me at my strongest. I love you, Sissy.

Sissy - Right, Me - Left

Sissy – Right, Me – Left

Momma E and Buggy

Momma E and Buggy










I have truly been blessed with the two families I have been given. All of these ladies have no idea how much I adore them and how often I pray for a major outpour of favor from the Lord. For blessings beyond measure, laughter, and outrageous amounts of JOY. They’ll never really understand the amount of hope and love I have for them.

On to the next year of whatever may come! I’m holding on for dear life, praying for a not-so-wild ride! Ok, well maybe just a semi-wild ride. Nothing Cray-cray, mmk?








5 thoughts on “Birthday Season II

  1. I have been waiting to send you a text until I can get mikayla to video your birthday song. She had school and then took a nap :/. By the way…my bday is the 19th πŸ™‚


    • Ok, so I totally can’t wait until I see that video, I really hope she still does it!! Also, WHAT another birthday buddy! I have so many!! My good friend Dani was the 1st!! I love having a month PACKED FULL of bday’s!!


  2. Happy birthday to all! We have a month like that too in my family – me, two of my cousins, both of my sons, my mom, my aunt, my brother, and my grandmother were all born in January. Cute pictures!


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