Fabu Friday’s


Eeek! It’s Friday again! There’s no better way to start the weekend than with some spooktacular photos that made me giggle.


Seriously, what a cute (and convenient) way to tote a wee one while also enjoying the Trick-Or-Treating excitement!


Animals and captions and their faces… priceless.


I think what’s really awesome about this picture is I actually know these people and not just know but actually like family with them. HA


You know that previous pic? Yeah, these are their offspring. Cuteness overload. I wish I had the heart eyes emoji to insert here!


Me… Clearly the only pink I’ve ever worn with a smile on my face. I thought I was really cool.


Right? (except mine is sans caffeine :()



Hey hey, it’s me plus another little me, the twinsie… Aren’t we cute?!

This week the Hubs and I decided to make some pumpkins. He’s a Panthers Fan, his turned out cool. Mine, Meh… it’s ok, it glows, that’s what I was hoping for 🙂 We have done pumpkins every year together and I think it’s a fun tradition for the 2 of us!



I promise, last selfie 🙂

Happy Halloween Gang! I personally don’t dress up (I guess I do wear a ghost tshirt every year with a black long sleeve) but I do love passing out candies and seeing all the cuties in costume.




This week was a bit of a challenge for me, I really struggled to search for things that brought a smile to my face or joy. My funk tried to hold me down. But, with much determination I am happy to say I have a nice large handful of goofy moments, some from scrolling on FB and some in preparation of the Spooky Season!

Have fun, be safe and eat lots of candy 🙂



SRM – Seattle Reproductive Medicine

RE – Reproductive Endocrinologist

I mentioned in the Uphill Climb that we are well into our first round of fertility treatments. It was a short reference and one I wasn’t going to go into much detail. Until I realized that I cannot live in shame for seeking treatments or live in fear of others judgements or opinions. I realized that it would be silly of me to not document and share this next journey of our lives. I’ve shared just about everything else, why not?

We are not infertile.

At least that’s what my new RE said. I felt that it was a great compliment. We just happen to struggle with Repeat Pregnancy Loss.

Our experience so far has been amazing. Our doctor is quite possibly the nicest guy and super understanding about my fears that will likely arise at any given moment. He also has great hopes that we will be able to take a baby home with us. However, it just might take a little bit extra oomph to get there, or, it could not. I mean, let’s be honest, God is far capable of doing anything He pleases, and if He so chooses, everything can happen naturally, just like it has before. But, for now, we (Both Connor and I) feel that we have God’s full blessing to move forward with this decision.

We did run into a minor obstacle. It was confirmed that I do have diminished ovarian reserve with an antral follicle count of only 4 per ovary and AMH levels at 0.75. Thankfully that’s better than none and I do have at least 4 per side! Our RE suggested that the average female my age has around 15 follicles per ovary and an AMH of at least 2.0. So I am definitely under average, and because of our RPL and at least one documented case of a chromosomal abnormal baby, he suggested that I more than likely have more bad eggs than good eggs, however, I still have good eggs left, it’s just a matter of catching the one good eggie!

So what does this mean? Well if we look at it simply from a scientific point of view, that means from here on out it might take a little more work and possibly some drugs and who knows, maybe IVF. If I look at it from God’s point of view, it means nothing.

For now though, like I stated previously, we are teaming up with the Lord and using a little bit of both. So what is our game plan? Well, we don’t have a strict game plan. We have a few ideas that we are ok with trying for now. But the main reason why we chose a RE is because, Lord willing, the next time I becoming pregnant, I would really like to do everything we know how to KEEP me pregnant.

It’s only been six months of trying since we lost Colton (17 cycles total since the very start), it’s still (sort of) within normal trying to conceive range. The first 3 attempts were pretty effortless. You know, sex makes babies in a very short amount of time (less than 1 month for the first, 2 months for the second, 4 months for the 3rd). I fully believe we can achieve this whole family building process with little to no intervention.

For now, we’re doing a little bit of both.

We did some light cycle monitoring where we measured out my follicles, through ultrasound, during the follicular phase of my cycle (cd10 and cd13) to see if I created a dominant follicle on my own that would hopefully ovulate a tiny little egg. Since my body is known for not actually ovulating very often on its own we then chose to give my body a little help to kick that egg out of the basket when it was mature enough. This was through a hCG Intramuscular Trigger shot called Pregnyl. It is 10,000iu’s of the pregnancy hormone. For some reason this actually forces the body to ovulate. Thus giving us a little extra boost in the baby making business.


Yikes! Large.Needles. Ouch!

Clearly since we knew when ovulation would occur we were then able to plan for optimal success. You guys, having your husband shove a giant needle in your back side and injecting you with drugs is quite possibly the strangest thing I’ve ever done. I can’t tell you how many times I had asked if he was sure he could do this then I straight up got the giggles when it was game time!


Target Practice 🙂

Then we wait. And we wait some more. I will say I must have a sensitive body as I had some yucky side effects such as hot flashes, nausea, fatigue, more hot flashes. Apparently it’s normal.

I feel like I am learning way more about the female body than I ever thought I would but I’ve learned to appreciate this knowledge and value how much I know. It makes me that much more appreciative for the miracle of life. How things absolutely must be in the perfect order for a baby to come to be. I am so completely amazed at the detail of the functions that the Lord has created our female bodies to do every single month. Our bodies are amazing!

For now, we keep waiting. We’re really excited about this opportunity and we are super thankful that the Lord has blessed us with the funds to move in this direction. It’s expensive and it’s emotionally and financially draining to deal with RPL and get a little extra boost in the O department. But we are confident that regardless of what we do or don’t do, Victory Grace is on her way, and soon.

But, what’s next? We don’t know. It may involve Femera on CD3-7 for the holiday season, but we aren’t sure yet. I’m really hoping we don’t have to go that route. I’m cheering that this was just the little push we needed, but only time will tell. I guess we just keep waiting 🙂

Let me tell you (as if most of you didn’t realize this already), the waiting…. That’s the hardest part.


Fabu Friday’s


Who doesn’t love Friday? It’s the end of the work week, the weekend awaits and, if you are anything like me, your fav pair of sweats and slippers are calling your name!

I spend Monday through Thursday dragging myself out of bed, brushing on the make up and meandering my way to sit at my desk and plug away at any given project that falls into my lap, as well as the never end to-do list sitting on my note pad. As I mentioned Wednesday, on the Up Hill Climb, I am trying to be more intentional with what brings joy to me and being aware that there are a million things I notice but I don’t stop and REALLY soak it in. So I have now dedicated my Friday’s to talk about all the Fabulous (Fabu) thing’s I’ve encountered through my week. I guess you can say it’s probably comparable to a camera dump, or a picture a day challenge. I can tell you this now: I will likely have pictures, stories, quotes, verses, and anything else you can think of! Some might be all from one single day, other things may have been placed throughout my week. Either way, I want to document the fun, the little, the big, the silly Fabu things that get me through to Friday, baby!


After a series of texts between my mom and my sister I found this to be fitting. Pumpkin everything, still the hottest buzz come fall every.single.year. Guilty here, but not so much anymore, tastes weird to me now.

FullSizeRender (1)

I love this for many reasons. Not only did L bless me with some much-needed lotion, it smells like fall, and gives me a good excuse to stop typing away and give myself a little hand rub. Plus, you can see that its home is with my girls’ goofy pics from our girls date to the bridal festival!


Often times I think I’m a little on the crazy side. I even catch myself making faces at the thoughts rolling around between my ears. Plus, who doesn’t love Minions?


SWEATERS!!!!!!!!! Cozy, comfy, raining all day, grab something yummy to drink and don’t forget your boots kind of weather is finally here!


And frankly, who doesn’t love a Taco Cat? Clearly this kitty is far from amused.

So many of the blogs I follow are so good at being funny, they are quite popular, probably because of their wit. I’m not one who is excessively funny, especially when in written communication. One-on-one with me, I might make you giggle a bit, but I want to stretch my funny side and give it a whirl to try to make you laugh a little. Life is simply too hard to forget to laugh.


And in the event you haven’t had the honors of watching this roll across your FB, please, do yourself a favor and enjoy the cuteness.