Fabu Friday’s


Who doesn’t love Friday? It’s the end of the work week, the weekend awaits and, if you are anything like me, your fav pair of sweats and slippers are calling your name!

I spend Monday through Thursday dragging myself out of bed, brushing on the make up and meandering my way to sit at my desk and plug away at any given project that falls into my lap, as well as the never end to-do list sitting on my note pad. As I mentioned Wednesday, on the Up Hill Climb, I am trying to be more intentional with what brings joy to me and being aware that there are a million things I notice but I don’t stop and REALLY soak it in. So I have now dedicated my Friday’s to talk about all the Fabulous (Fabu) thing’s I’ve encountered through my week. I guess you can say it’s probably comparable to a camera dump, or a picture a day challenge. I can tell you this now: I will likely have pictures, stories, quotes, verses, and anything else you can think of! Some might be all from one single day, other things may have been placed throughout my week. Either way, I want to document the fun, the little, the big, the silly Fabu things that get me through to Friday, baby!


After a series of texts between my mom and my sister I found this to be fitting. Pumpkin everything, still the hottest buzz come fall every.single.year. Guilty here, but not so much anymore, tastes weird to me now.

FullSizeRender (1)

I love this for many reasons. Not only did L bless me with some much-needed lotion, it smells like fall, and gives me a good excuse to stop typing away and give myself a little hand rub. Plus, you can see that its home is with my girls’ goofy pics from our girls date to the bridal festival!


Often times I think I’m a little on the crazy side. I even catch myself making faces at the thoughts rolling around between my ears. Plus, who doesn’t love Minions?


SWEATERS!!!!!!!!! Cozy, comfy, raining all day, grab something yummy to drink and don’t forget your boots kind of weather is finally here!


And frankly, who doesn’t love a Taco Cat? Clearly this kitty is far from amused.

So many of the blogs I follow are so good at being funny, they are quite popular, probably because of their wit. I’m not one who is excessively funny, especially when in written communication. One-on-one with me, I might make you giggle a bit, but I want to stretch my funny side and give it a whirl to try to make you laugh a little. Life is simply too hard to forget to laugh.


And in the event you haven’t had the honors of watching this roll across your FB, please, do yourself a favor and enjoy the cuteness.



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