SRM – Seattle Reproductive Medicine

RE – Reproductive Endocrinologist

I mentioned in the Uphill Climb that we are well into our first round of fertility treatments. It was a short reference and one I wasn’t going to go into much detail. Until I realized that I cannot live in shame for seeking treatments or live in fear of others judgements or opinions. I realized that it would be silly of me to not document and share this next journey of our lives. I’ve shared just about everything else, why not?

We are not infertile.

At least that’s what my new RE said. I felt that it was a great compliment. We just happen to struggle with Repeat Pregnancy Loss.

Our experience so far has been amazing. Our doctor is quite possibly the nicest guy and super understanding about my fears that will likely arise at any given moment. He also has great hopes that we will be able to take a baby home with us. However, it just might take a little bit extra oomph to get there, or, it could not. I mean, let’s be honest, God is far capable of doing anything He pleases, and if He so chooses, everything can happen naturally, just like it has before. But, for now, we (Both Connor and I) feel that we have God’s full blessing to move forward with this decision.

We did run into a minor obstacle. It was confirmed that I do have diminished ovarian reserve with an antral follicle count of only 4 per ovary and AMH levels at 0.75. Thankfully that’s better than none and I do have at least 4 per side! Our RE suggested that the average female my age has around 15 follicles per ovary and an AMH of at least 2.0. So I am definitely under average, and because of our RPL and at least one documented case of a chromosomal abnormal baby, he suggested that I more than likely have more bad eggs than good eggs, however, I still have good eggs left, it’s just a matter of catching the one good eggie!

So what does this mean? Well if we look at it simply from a scientific point of view, that means from here on out it might take a little more work and possibly some drugs and who knows, maybe IVF. If I look at it from God’s point of view, it means nothing.

For now though, like I stated previously, we are teaming up with the Lord and using a little bit of both. So what is our game plan? Well, we don’t have a strict game plan. We have a few ideas that we are ok with trying for now. But the main reason why we chose a RE is because, Lord willing, the next time I becoming pregnant, I would really like to do everything we know how to KEEP me pregnant.

It’s only been six months of trying since we lost Colton (17 cycles total since the very start), it’s still (sort of) within normal trying to conceive range. The first 3 attempts were pretty effortless. You know, sex makes babies in a very short amount of time (less than 1 month for the first, 2 months for the second, 4 months for the 3rd). I fully believe we can achieve this whole family building process with little to no intervention.

For now, we’re doing a little bit of both.

We did some light cycle monitoring where we measured out my follicles, through ultrasound, during the follicular phase of my cycle (cd10 and cd13) to see if I created a dominant follicle on my own that would hopefully ovulate a tiny little egg. Since my body is known for not actually ovulating very often on its own we then chose to give my body a little help to kick that egg out of the basket when it was mature enough. This was through a hCG Intramuscular Trigger shot called Pregnyl. It is 10,000iu’s of the pregnancy hormone. For some reason this actually forces the body to ovulate. Thus giving us a little extra boost in the baby making business.


Yikes! Large.Needles. Ouch!

Clearly since we knew when ovulation would occur we were then able to plan for optimal success. You guys, having your husband shove a giant needle in your back side and injecting you with drugs is quite possibly the strangest thing I’ve ever done. I can’t tell you how many times I had asked if he was sure he could do this then I straight up got the giggles when it was game time!


Target Practice 🙂

Then we wait. And we wait some more. I will say I must have a sensitive body as I had some yucky side effects such as hot flashes, nausea, fatigue, more hot flashes. Apparently it’s normal.

I feel like I am learning way more about the female body than I ever thought I would but I’ve learned to appreciate this knowledge and value how much I know. It makes me that much more appreciative for the miracle of life. How things absolutely must be in the perfect order for a baby to come to be. I am so completely amazed at the detail of the functions that the Lord has created our female bodies to do every single month. Our bodies are amazing!

For now, we keep waiting. We’re really excited about this opportunity and we are super thankful that the Lord has blessed us with the funds to move in this direction. It’s expensive and it’s emotionally and financially draining to deal with RPL and get a little extra boost in the O department. But we are confident that regardless of what we do or don’t do, Victory Grace is on her way, and soon.

But, what’s next? We don’t know. It may involve Femera on CD3-7 for the holiday season, but we aren’t sure yet. I’m really hoping we don’t have to go that route. I’m cheering that this was just the little push we needed, but only time will tell. I guess we just keep waiting 🙂

Let me tell you (as if most of you didn’t realize this already), the waiting…. That’s the hardest part.



20 thoughts on “Waiting…

  1. Have you considered taking supplements for egg quality? I believe they really work. A couple months before I conceived I used: 300mg Ubiquinol, 300mg Royal Jelly, and 500mg L-Arginine, in addition to Thorne Prenatal vitamins, Metanx (methylfolate), fish oil capsules & baby aspirin. Also I ate 100% gluten-free for 6+ months prior to conception. Even though I don’t have DOR, as a woman with PCOS it’s suspected my egg quality may be questionable due to hormonal imbalances–so that’s why I employed the egg quality supplements.
    My Hope Jar posted her supplements & she is a success story that started like yours–repeat loss, DOR diagnosis, then failed IVF…but she took her supplements for several months & naturally conceived a healthy boy. Here’s here post: http://myhopejar.com/healing-and-preconception-care-suggestions/supplements/

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    • I have never heard of the Ubiquinol or L-Arginine, but I cannot take Royal Jelly or anything fish oil unfortunately, I even have to be careful of all the other vitamins that have fish oils in the stinkin’ caspules! I am currently on baby aspirin, vegan prenatals, all the methylated b vitamins and folate – as well as the usual vit D, melatonin…. Blah blah blah. I have been mostly gluten free for about 2 years, but with our last loss I kind of fell off the wagon, mostly because I was pissed and didn’t care about what I ate for a while… Back at slowly but surely! I will have to check her list out and see what’s worth adding, it’s certainly something I should look further into. Gotta love all the concoctions of vities we all come up with!

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  2. The above comment is very helpful, I may have to try that out!! So glad to hear this news and praying this is all you need!! We will be doing femara and ovidrel this cycle and possibly IUI if it times out before we are out of town. You are in my thoughts!!


    • Mylifeasacasestudy is amazing, and so is My Hope Jar. They are super knowledgeable! our Femera cycles will be unmonitored with out a trigger, which will be nice during the busy holiday season. I’ve been missin’ you doll! I so hope this works for you! XOX Hugs!!


  3. Our diagnosis is male factor, but I’ve always been concerned about keeping my egg quality good. I check out fine, but want to have the most optimal eggs and environment to host a healthy pregnancy. There is so much that you can do on your own to help with that. I love the comment above with the list of supplements. Have you considered acupuncture? My sister in law had recurrent pregnant loss and is now days from giving birth to their first. I know she really enjoyed and benefited from Chinese medicine. Some think it’s kooky, but it really can be so great. Email if you ever want to chat. Lojerle@gmail.com.


    • I love that when we just intentionally take care of our bodies it can naturally help boost some things. I think Chinese Medicine is interesting, I don’t know enough about it to form an opinion, but I’m sure it’s worth looking into for simply a healthy lifestyle? Thank you for your sister’s email! That’s super sweet 🙂 XO


  4. Waiting with you friend. So glad that you like your doctor and are moving forward!!! Trusting that no matter what He says God has the final word!!!! Glad to hear an update from you!


  5. OMG! I am a horrible person. For some reason, my blogger feed wasn’t showing your posts from the last week. I re-added you so hopefully that works. It sounds like you have a great plan in place. Please let me know if you ever need to talk about any of this. I’ve been doing the RE road and have done IVF. If you ever go down that road, I have a lot to share with you! Praying for you, always.

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    • Thanks Krystal, I will certainly be contacting you if I ever have any questions. Sometimes the lingo and the acronyms and calendars…etc… can be overwhelming. You are too sweet! XOX


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