Fabu Friday’s


Eeek! It’s Friday again! There’s no better way to start the weekend than with some spooktacular photos that made me giggle.


Seriously, what a cute (and convenient) way to tote a wee one while also enjoying the Trick-Or-Treating excitement!


Animals and captions and their faces… priceless.


I think what’s really awesome about this picture is I actually know these people and not just know but actually like family with them. HA


You know that previous pic? Yeah, these are their offspring. Cuteness overload. I wish I had the heart eyes emoji to insert here!


Me… Clearly the only pink I’ve ever worn with a smile on my face. I thought I was really cool.


Right? (except mine is sans caffeine :()



Hey hey, it’s me plus another little me, the twinsie… Aren’t we cute?!

This week the Hubs and I decided to make some pumpkins. He’s a Panthers Fan, his turned out cool. Mine, Meh… it’s ok, it glows, that’s what I was hoping for 🙂 We have done pumpkins every year together and I think it’s a fun tradition for the 2 of us!



I promise, last selfie 🙂

Happy Halloween Gang! I personally don’t dress up (I guess I do wear a ghost tshirt every year with a black long sleeve) but I do love passing out candies and seeing all the cuties in costume.




This week was a bit of a challenge for me, I really struggled to search for things that brought a smile to my face or joy. My funk tried to hold me down. But, with much determination I am happy to say I have a nice large handful of goofy moments, some from scrolling on FB and some in preparation of the Spooky Season!

Have fun, be safe and eat lots of candy 🙂



15 thoughts on “Fabu Friday’s

    • It is fun to see what kids and adults come up with for dressing up. I have a sparkle ghost t-shirt I’ve worn for the last 3 years. Friday, some kiddo complimented me on my “costume” haha! It was sweet.


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