The sister is coming, the sister is coming!



Seriously though…

I couldn’t be more happy that my twin sister and her family are moving back up to our home town. I have only been around my nephew about 3 times in his short little life and I simply cannot wait to see my niece more often. She has been gone for 4 years in December. That’s simply too many missed birthday’s and life events.

Here’s my shameful admission, I actually somewhat enjoyed the break. And don’t read that wrong. I hate missing my family, and I really love my family. But, being a twin, my whole life I have been defined as really “the both of us”, maybe not by others (but possibly), but most by myself. It was a nice 4 years to establish Me with out her… if that makes sense. To grow my own group of friends and know the Me that I am that doesn’t always include her.

Kind of like some type of identity crisis I needed to work out.

But, now that we’ve had the space, I will say, it will be very nice to have my family closer. I am more confident and comfortable with myself as just Me, not attached and finding my worth (value, personality, etc) in my other half.  Now we just need to get the Momma to move back too. Then my brothers next…… Wishful thinking, right?

So, (hopefully) tonight they will all pile in the car and start a 20 hour drive up to good Ol’ Spokane. They are currently in Arizona. They’ll only be here for a few days to peek at houses, but then they will be back hopefully come December, forever!!

So my Fabu Friday just might include an overwhelming amount of twin pictures and pictures of my niece and nephew. Just as a warning… They are adorable.

So to make up for lack of possible funny pictures, I leave you with this (I think I could probably use this to solve/avoid any type of questions, especially those in regards to fertility and RPL):

Happy Tuesday gang, let the Femera crazies begin!



11 thoughts on “The sister is coming, the sister is coming!

  1. This is great news! Soak up your time together. And that’s so neat that you’re able to recognize the benefit in your time away. Glad you found yourself during that time apart. I am sure that was crucial in your growth as a person.


    • I can’t wait, it was super crucial, but I am happy that that season is over and it’s time to be together again! I never once thought this day would come, but I am pleased it’s here!


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