Fabu Friday!


Holy Batman… How on earth is it Friday already? I am seriously baffled that it’s here already. I’m especially excited for today because we are going to the Winter Jam Concert tonight. I am super thrilled to get to worship and have the opportunity to watch some of my favs. I think I am most excited about Hillsong.


I think I’ll start at the beginning. Last Saturday the sister and I decided to have some girl time and I ended up with some funky/fancy/sparkly nails. Just in time for the holidays. I may or may not keep them up, but it was a nice little pick me up.


On Sunday morning I woke up early to get ready for church. But typically before I roll out of bed I try to check my email and pop on to some social media sites while my eye balls are waking up (if I have the time, that is). I woke up check the email and saw this:


I am not sure I have the words to express my gratitude and thankfulness that someone would remember my little Colton and take action to do something meaningful for him. This melted me. Especially when I realized that not many people remember this kind of stuff. I don’t really expect people to, but it’s incredibly moving when someone makes an effort to remember and do something sweet in remembrance. Thank you, Sweet friend! (you can find her blog here)


Pictured above is my Mug Exchange package that I was so blessed by! I’ve never really participated in such exchanges, but this year I was able to connect with SO many more woman who have been through what I  have been through and bless someone else with a fun package as well! Thank you SO much Lo (her blog is here) for giving so generously! Also thank you Chelsea for hosting and making sure everything was perfect!

IMG_6326 IMG_6353

 I promised more pictures of the family that was in town. Once again I failed at taking loads of amazing pics, but I did happen to sneak in a few silly ones. Seriously, I can’t get enough of these kiddos. I lub them so much and I cannot wait for them to be here and I get more auntie time. Seriously though, is there anything better than being an auntie? I don’t think so…


Many many of you already follow Elisha and know that recently she posted some funny facts about herself. Well in her comments I had mentioned one of my quirky facts: I hate all wooden utensils. And by hate, I mean, I cannot stand them. I do not own, nor will I ever own wooden utensils. GROSS. So about a day later I received this silly and disturbing text from her. That girl, she sure knows how to pull a prank and make this girl cringe a little. Once I battled the migraine I was able to giggle about it, however in the midst of a migraine, I wanted to shiver and cringe and delete it as fast as possible.

And because these were funny and cute, I’ll leave you with this:


Seriously guys, it’s stinkin’ cold. Brrrr!



Yup. Needs no explanation.



This is me. Every.Single.Time. Poor Hubs.


12 thoughts on “Fabu Friday!

  1. Bahahahahaha! Side note: I never texted back either because I also had a migraine of massive proportions! Ugh! Twins? I think so. By the way, the wooden spoon is to keep the water from boiling over ;). No worries…I will stock your kitchen full of them. Keep checking your mail box. 😜😘


  2. So I am assuming you have no wooden cutting boards either?? haha Love what you got for the mug exchange!! That was so sweet of Alicia also 🙂


    • Oh man, we do have one and I avoid it like the freaking plague! YUCK, I cringe knowing it’s going to be there when I open the cupboard to pull my fav cutting board out! It needs to go away, but I know the hubs uses it.


  3. So wooden utensils just are not sanitary! You cannot clean them well enough to ever be sanitary! Our wood cutting board is only kept because it is beautiful and there are strict rules in place about its use – it can only be used for cutting bread, nothing else is allowed to touch it.
    And, I love Elisha’s version of a joke and am thankful I got to skip your apparent twin migraines!


  4. Love this! Seriously, how do all these Friday’s sneak up? And the mug exchange was just so much fun!!! Glad you loved it too. Oh, and the Winter Jam concert look SO fun! Enjoy!!


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