Fabu (FULL) Friday


EEEK! It’s Friday! What’s even more amazing about this Friday?

I am at home, in my PJs. And it’s 1:30pm.

This week many of us are reflecting on what we are thankful for. This year, although one of the harder years I’ve endured, I have much to be thankful for. Although I could go on and on (seriously, pages FULL) about all the things I am thankful for I’m still full from stuffing my face and I’ll keep my list short and sweet. The most important thing I am thankful for, the salvation I have in Jesus. The forgiveness I’ve been shown and the redemption, sanctification process, and how He is refining me daily to be more and more like Him.


I’m gonna start with these too beauties! Oh.My.Gosh. These girls make my heart swell. We had a sleepover last weekend and it was packed full of hot-tubbin’, game playin’, moving watchin’, sleepless laughter and fun.


They also got to be the first passengers in….. MY NEW CAR (new to me, it’s a 2010 GMC Terrain)!! My Hubs blessed my socks off and got me the car of my dreams! It was much needed as we had been praying over his Jeep for months now. Just asking the Lord to extend the mileage and use. So while we did that, He was making a way to provide the next vehicle.


It was dumping rain when I took this picture so it’s not the best quality, but YAY! Seriously such an amazing gift!

After I took the girls home, after our fun and games, I came home and got to work. I know, it’s a little early, but hey this was the weekend I had the time do this. I cleaned my fanny off and then decorated for the Upcoming holiday season. It was fabulous! Seriously, so awesome!




The corner of our sofa has been my retreat this week! I have been journaling, reading, and snuggling up in the sparkle of the lights and cozy warmth of the fireplace. This is by far my most favorite!


Truth right here, gang. In my quiet times lately these are two truths that have been steadily on my heart. Trusting. Waiting. Knowing that He is working all things together for my good and His Glory. I love what He’s doing in my life and I love that He has been so faithful. This is a beautiful reminder for me to keep trusting and to know the He, alone, is my hope!


This!!!! Oh my! So, my girlfriend, L, sent this to me yesterday morning. I about died. I am telling you, my furry friend Georgie is in LOVE with the skirt of the tree. I’ve never seen a cat more obsessed with a tree.


Heehee, isn’t that the truth around the Holidays?


Yup, especially on Saturday’s (or days off).



Happy Thanksgiving (I know, a day late). I hope that you all had a wonderful time with family and/or friends. If you have a large family, like we do, the festivities are still underway!

Next stuffing sesh, Saturday evening!


8 thoughts on “Fabu (FULL) Friday

  1. HAHAHAHA that saying about still wearing the clothes you wore to bed… me, totally, all weekend. You did a great job decorating for the holidays. Isn’t it nuts that Christmas is just around the corner? Congrats on the new car! You totally have me wanting to go car shopping now!


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