Freaky Friday? Oh my!



Freaky Friday?

Well, I’m a day late! But holy cow, I promise I have good excuses. Ok, well maybe not. Work was busy, and I have freaky-ness to share that consumed my after-work hours. As I mentioned in my previous post, there hasn’t been much going on to share. I try to snap a picture as often as possible, but somehow time just keeps flying by. My heart is still constantly thankful and being intentional about my uphill climb has made such a huge difference for me.

So I’m feeling like this accurately, and graphically, shows how my week went. Or more precisely, our Friday. WIN for my Friday: I wasn’t late for work.


Isn’t that the truth? I’m so glad I am adaptive enough to go with the flow and be ok with what happens.

In the middle of my day I got an unexpected visitor(s). B brought little Peanut by to give me a super thoughtful gift:


 I love flowers, like LOVE flowers.


Anyone who really knows me, knows I love me some flowers. I especially love the little one who has such a big heart to give and give and give! I am so overwhelmed with such generosity!! LOVE them, and THANK you Peanut and B.


My great idea: defrost chicken in a freezer bag in the fridge. Figured that would be sufficient. HAHAHA, I was wrong. Mid afternoon I get a text from the hubs that chicken juices had devoured our entire fridge. He spent the next hour cleaning out said fridge. Throwing away a good portion of food that had been contaminated (thanks babe, seriously!). This was also shortly before he had realized he left his wedding ring at work 30 minutes away. Haha, poor dude. I offered to pick it up on my way home, but he declined.

Once I got home from work it was time to cook. Dinner was going to be a yummy bread-less chicken parmesan – with the chicken that had caused the mess earlier. Although it made a mess, it was still good to eat and cook up, still cold just a leaky bag. Easy enough, right?


Yeah, apparently my Pyrex dish didn’t feel cooking anything tonight. Shattered right in the oven. leaked all the juices from the chicken, making a huge mess of glass pieces and well, chicken. Lots have asked if the dish was cold or something, nope. It was room temp with just normal chicken.


Shortly after we decided that it was a Taco Bell night. Yeah, not a healthy choice, but after the hassle, it wasn’t worth it to start over and defrost more chicken…etc.


Taco Bell it was. It was good. Better than glass with a side of chicken, right? Ps: the green sauce from Taco Bell, my favorite!

When the hubs was on his way home from picking up his ring, he stopped at the store for a couple of items, I asked for pickles…. Well, I certainly got some pickles!! HAHA, 80FL ounces worth of pickles! The hubster knows me too well!



So once we wrapped up the night with a little Taco Bell and a whirlwind of a day, I decided Saturday would be a “lay in bed and snuggle with the furry friends day”.

So, lap top in hand, HGTV playing renovation shows, this girl is snuggled in with a drama (hopefully, attempting chicken pot pie tonight) free Saturday trying to catch up from the crazies of Friday.




I think my furry friends were ok with a Fabu “Saturday” instead.

Have a Happy Weekend!!


10 thoughts on “Freaky Friday? Oh my!

  1. Your graph is hilarious and very accurate, especially given how your Friday went! My goodness, I have never seen a pyrex dish do that before. In fact, aren’t they supposed to handle any temperature change and never break like that?! Let alone do it when there wasn’t a big temp shift? Glad tacobell was there to save the day 🙂 And glad you were able to relax on Saturday. Hope the rest of your weekend was relaxing too.


    • I laughed quite a bit at that graph. I think I could apply it to ALL areas of my life 🙂 I thought for sure pyrex could withstand temps of 400! I mean, lets be honest, I’ve broiled stuff in higher temps than that and it’s been fine!


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