What’s up with Momma & Squishy?

I think I am becoming a little too lazy with my blog. I was doing so good with my Monday updates. I think having weekly appointments made that easy because then I actually had something to update and talk about. Now I’m just boring. And I really mean boring.

This, this is my definition of excitement…..


Until I realized I left it in the car when I dropped something off and the dog in the back seat decides it’s a great day to hop in the front seat and eat his mom’s whip cream and drink her peach Italian Soda. The couple of drinks I had, it was every ounce of amazing that it looks. So, naturally we pulled back into the coffee stand and ordered me a new one. I was thankful to have a replacement. The hubs tried to convince me that I just needed to add more whip to the half empty one the pup drank…. But, before you get grossed out, I refused to share that many germs with my dog. Eewww, no way, gross, no thank you.



This also defines excitement. Well sorta. How about a time sucker, a leach, mindless wandering around cyber space, also known as : YouTube. Ok, well sometimes for me the time sucker is also known as: Blogs, or worse: Facebook.

But seriously. On nights when I can’t sleep YouTube never fails at delivering hours upon hours of mindless talking cat/dog videos and laughing babies in costumes. Seriously though, I feel like that statement is truly accurate 99% of the time.


One: I love minions and no one can change my mind about that. Two: this is the truth and no one should ever try to convince me otherwise. Logistically speaking I think pushing yourself back up is always considered a push up, and almost every event in life deserves to be rewarded in chocolate. All joking aside, I am pretty proud that I have put in my time and effort in walking more for exercise, I have participated in yoga and I have been fairly decent at stretching in the evenings about 3 times a week. I know, I should do more, but if I do more, then that means I get more chocolate, and that totally defeats the whole purpose of exercise!

OK, so basically I’m stalling my time. I don’t really have much to update because I’ve put on my big girl panties and am being/pretending to be patient for my next OB appointment and NOT rushing to the RE to hold my hand.


So hard that it actually caused an explosion in my heart and head and came out all over husband one day. It was ugly. I cried, we yelled, it was…. like we were normal people who, you know, have disagreements and arguments. It was like two normal people who didn’t see eye to eye and happened to forget to actually listen and hear each other. Funny how that happens right? Well, after all the exploding finished, clearly we kissed and made up.

Part of the make up part was a gift to the both of us. A gift that will always keep on giving. A gift that my RE suggested we DON’T purchase, a gift that we had already previously agreed we wouldn’t buy. So, basically, I lied. I didn’t put the “big girl” panties on… I dare suggest they are still around my ankles waiting to be pulled all the way up, but I’m getting there…… Where was I? Oh, the gift…. Drum roll………… a silly home Doppler. I know, I know. People don’t usually recommend it. But, I still need my hand-held a little more, and the reassurance that all is, in fact, ok! It’s a terrible screen shot, but here’s what we decided on:


It’s a Sonoline C1 Fetal Doppler, Baby Heart Monitor. It was clearly on sale and should be on our doorstep tonight. I can’t wait. Well, sorta, cause I think I’ll be pretty upset if it’s silent, but I do know and almost expect that we will likely have to try for several minutes, or several times before being successful at finding little Squishy’s heart beat.

Next appointment: End of January (eeeep, next week!!!)  – So far, I’m holding out strong and haven’t called or emailed my nurse at SRM. I’m pretty proud, but it’s hasn’t been easy, as I explained.
Total weight gain/loss: Meh, about even still, maybe plus 1-2 MAX. My home scale says I’m the same as last week.
Exercise: Yoga is in full swing, and I’m making an effort to do more stairs and walk more as much as possible! Also, I kind of hit on this topic already.
Maternity clothes: I can’t say yes, but I can’t say no…. My clothes are fitting weird now so I find that I’m in the “I look fat but can’t really tell that I’m pregnant” stage. My jeans have been swapped for leggings and on days that I need actual pants I do wear low/small panel maternity pants/jeans. They are more comfortable and should be available during non-maternity times as well. Whoever invented buttons and zippers failed us, big time.
Sleep: I need it. I crave it. Hmph. (uh, who gave me the ‘shrooms before bedtime?? I kid, I kid, but seriously. I used to love dreams, now they just freak me out).
Food cravings:  The tomatoes have sadly gone away, and been replaced with talking tomatoes in my dreams, instead. It was fun while it lasted. I’m on a smoothie kick now, loaded with frozen fruit, Naners, peanut butter, kale, spinach and protein powder, blended with a nice and creamy almond milk. I don’t have any “gotta have it NOW” cravings. I just like cold, crunchy, and fresh! (Pregnancy diet WIN)
Symptoms: All the usual stuff, but totally manageable. Getting better day by day…. Except my body has decided I needed a little more nausea at bedtime. So, that’s been fun.
Movement:  TOO early, I cannot wait…
What I miss: Today, I don’t miss anything. I am quite content with what I’ve chosen to nourish my body with. If we go all emotional, I miss my other babies, quite often lately.
What I’m loving:  Growing a baby
What I’m looking forward to:  Feeling movements and knowing the gender and buying ALL THE BABY THINGS.
Best moment this week: I think my favorite moment WILL be tomorrow. 12 weeks. Today I have technically now been pregnant the longest. It’s surreal. It’s crazy. I can’t even believe it. I am honored, I am blessed, I am sooo undeserving and even more so thankful than I have ever been. With that I leave you my 11 week 6 day bump (ok, I know, but it’s close enough to 12 weeks)… yep, I wore the same dress so I could compare, it’s just SOOO comfortable!

So after all that being said my most favorite part of this week…….. I became an auntie again. There is NOTHING quite like becoming an auntie. I have no words to adequately describe the love for a tiny little human I haven’t even met in person yet. It’s overwhelming, and beautiful, and amazing, and in my eyes a TRUE miracle that babies are ever born, that they ever actually make it here and safely.

Dear Little Miss Mya,

You, sweet one are so beautiful. You don’t even know it yet, but you are cherished and loved by so many. The most amazing part of this is, you are even more loved and cherished by the One who created you, who knit you together in that momma’s tummy. You are purposefully and uniquely made and thought of by the One who has so many big plans for you. Not so that you would be made bigger, but so that He may be glorified over all. Sweet one, you made this Aunties heart melt and swell to spaces larger than I ever knew was possible. I had no idea what it would feel like when you made your appearance, but boy did it surprise me. I love every fiber of your being, your perfect little nose and tiny little fingers. I cannot wait to meet you and I can’t wait to hold you and kiss those perfect little cheeks.

Mya, you are So loved by this Auntie and This Uncle. Just like all your cousins, we will fight for you, always.


The Auntie



9 thoughts on “What’s up with Momma & Squishy?

  1. Can’t blame your dog, that drink looked amazing (and my dog would have done the same thing if I wasn’t looking). Minions – the best – they remind me of my boys 🙂 Congrats on becoming an auntie again! And I can’t blame you for getting a doppler. I never did it (I go to the OB so much and have a home health care nurse, so I never needed it), but I understand the need to have one. Love the updates – Can’t wait for more!


    • I am IN LOVE with the Doppler. I was quite possibly the best decision we’ve changed our minds on! Every time I see a minion I think of Conner and Benjamin too 🙂 I love it!!! XOX


  2. That drink looks amazing! In my first trimester I CRAVED Icees. And not healthy ones–just the ice and sugar syrup. Good for you for eating fruit. Yay for 12 weeks!


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