Half Way Cooked!

I’m late, or I’m lazy. Or a mixture of both.

**Also, I think I’ve spent far too much time battling the format of this stupid post, so….. I give up. It’s sloppy, I don’t know how to fix it, and that’s ok.

Ok, for reals though. Last week kicked my booty at work so I found that my spare time didn’t involve blog updates.


So, lucky you guys, you’ll get 2(!!!) updates from me this week.

I’m just gonna get straight to it this post, because really, no one wants to hear about my job and how it sucked out all my energy last week, and most likely this week too….. Because other than work, I have no “real” fun updates or things to tell you.

Next appointment: THIS WEEK!!!!!!!!!! – This will include the full anatomy ultrasound.

Weight Gain/Loss: I have no idea 🙂 And I like it that way. I’ve never been one who struggles with weight. I’ve battled my fair share of body image issues, but I’ve typically been a healthy weight my whole life. But, I’ve noticed that for the last several weeks I have been OVERLY concerned with the amount of weight I’ve gained and will continue to gain. It’s odd. I knew it was going to happen, but for some reason, I am having a very difficult time accepting and loving and embracing the weight that keeps coming.

Exercise: *same* Yeah, I suck. But we’ve gone on a couple of walks and I still do my once a week yoga. So, I’m not totally lazy.

Maternity clothes: Mostly normal tops, however I am noticing the battle to get dressed every day keeps getting more and more interesting – or entertaining, depends on who’s watching…. Pants/leggings/skirts all maternity. Especially at the end of the day!                                 Sleep: *same* Terrible. I need a million pillows, I need a heat pad, I need space. I have a feeling this is going to continue.

Food cravings:


RED ROBIN BONZAI BURGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Eat your heart out! My husband was so gracious and didn’t make a single comment on how quickly I ate that burger and the fries with just able every ounce of ranch they gave me. He also was super sweet not to say anything about the heart burn and OH MY GOSH I AM SO FULL I COULD BARF moments I had about an hour later. Was it worth it? You bet your bottom dollar. The challenge now? How on earth do I tell my brain this is not something that can be eaten on a regular basis…… My poor brain. Deprived.

Symptoms: Headaches are pretty much non-existent now (thank you LORD), my back gets tired super quickly, I’m still tired 99% of the time. I always heard that the 2nd tri is super dreamy. Don’t get me wrong, I love that God has blessed me with the privilege to do this whole pregnancy thing. But if I can be honest, I am so uncomfortable 99% of the time. I could seriously present to you a laundry list of the aches and pains and discomforts. BUT, like I said, this is an honor and one that I’ve willingly asked for. It’s just not dreamy like others describe it as. It’s got its own dreaminess, but not what I thought it would be.
 Baby’s Size/Milestones: Baby is now measuring about the size of a Belgian Endive……….. What the heck is that?! How about 10 inches and about 10.5 ounces. That sounds better. He is swallowing, kicking, rolling, punching. I’ve read on a few occasions that babe is even emptying his bladder routinely now. Lips, eye lashes, hair and teeth buds are forming. And gaining fat, atta boy. Get nice and chunky for me please. Ok, maybe not too chunky, cause I do need to deliver you….
Movement:  Best.thing.in.the.entire.world. Babe can be felt and seen on occasion from the outside of my tummy, and he likes to party. Seriously, mostly at night. Ok, and during the day….. I’m still learning to sleep through his little parties. I get sad when he stops moving. Every one of my doctors said I wouldn’t feel anything at all until well after 20 weeks. I love that they were all wrong and my boy does what he wants.
What I miss: hmmm… a normal feeling rib cage….  Energy… I don’t know. I don’t think I really miss anything right now. sleep…. I do miss sleep….
What I’m loving:  Growing a baby. Poking little dude. Calling him by name. Day dreaming about a life with baseballs and swimming lessons, and raising a little miniature version of my hubs. Creating a registry.
What I’m looking forward to:  *same* Letting my hubs feel movement once I get bigger. Looking forward to painting Little Mr’s room. Looking forward to announcing a name. Looking forward to so so much. A life full of baseballs, tackles, snuggle sessions, and raising a man who loves Jesus. A baby shower. I had thought I wasn’t going to have one, and then a few people stepped up and said it was going to happen. So I’m looking forward to celebrating little man. My first meeting with our Doula. YIPPY!!! Can’t wait!
Baby Purchases:  Nada.  We’ve been gifted so many things and I love how generous people are. I am just blown away. I think we’re waiting to really purchase more things until we at least get a start on little man’s room. We haven’t touched it. We should, but we haven’t. We probably should start.
Best moment this week: Watching little dude kick me from the outside. Eating my beloved burger. Going to a concert and feeling little one rock out to some worship tunes. 🙂
Hello 20 weeks, I’m excited you’re here and thankful that I’ve been blessed to experience everything this far! I’m thrilled to be on the other side of 20 weeks! (Today is 20+4, pic was taken on 20w)
Happy Monday 🙂 Also, don’t forget, I am still running our fundraiser for our March of Dimes team. Please consider donating. If you have any questions, feel free to email me: mlwalker0909@gmail.com
Or you can make a tax deductible donation here:
I’ve reach $100 of my $250 goal. I’d like to raise more, but I think $250 is more reasonable for me 🙂

14 thoughts on “Half Way Cooked!

  1. i questioned the pain i was in at the point too. unfortunately it never it hasn’t gotten any better as time as gone on… i also didn’t have a “dreamy” second trimester. i did feel pretty good for the last couple of weeks of the second trimester but things got kind of crappy again in the third. i am into my 9 month now and i am finally feeling really good. go figure LOL. i also had times where i struggled with my changing body. not embracing my weight gain very well. it was around the same time as you’re at now. it passed for me and i’m good with the change now.


    • More often than not I’m hearing how many woman only feel “amazing” for a very short period of time before the un-comfortableness kicks in again. I’m hoping that my mind/heart changes about the weight gain. Thanks for the encouragement!


    • Aww! Thanks! I’m excited to report that I have passed my original goal and have set a new goal that I am now only $90 away from reaching. If I reach this goal, then I’m gonna stretch myself some more!!! XO


  2. The weight gain was weirdly hard for me too. It still is. I’m seeing numbers on the scale I’ve never seen before and it’s a little scary. And I’ve never really dealt with these feelings before either, so it’s new to me. I also did not have a great second trimester. I was really sick until 17 weeks, felt good until about 23 weeks and then the pain started and hasn’t let up. Pregnancy definitely isn’t easy – but I know it’s going to be worth it. You look great!


    • I am somewhat relieved to hear that I’m not the only one who has/will struggle with the weight portion of pregnancy. It will totally all be worth it! You’re even in your home stretch! YIPPY! XO


  3. You can feel him! How great! Also, you look super cute – and not everyone can pull that off pregnant! I say, eat another burger lol. Eat one for me, because I don’t have a Red Robin near me!


    • I LOVE that I can feel him. It’s amazing how much reassurance it gives me! I love it! I will eat a burger for you no problem. How about this weekend?! 😉 XO Hope you are enjoying your sweet little bundle of joy! XO


  4. […] weeks) Weight Gain/Loss: Too much to me, but most say don’t worry (+14). As you read in my last post this is something that I, unexpectedly, am struggling with. And when I say struggle, I mean like […]


  5. super cute belly and super cute in red!!! relating to your food moment and I’m not pregnant lol. my brain is constantly struggling to know whats not normal to eat – so most of the time i just whine about what food i want with minimal follow through. the want never goes away though haha!


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