Celebrating Life – 4.25.14 and we’re Marching

April 23rd, 24th, and the 25th (being the most important, at least to me) are not fun days in the head of Morgan. It’s been an incredibly challenging week for me personally, even with the beauty and wonder and amazement of Crosby thriving!

In memory of our sweet boy, that we officially said goodbye to on April 25th, 2014, my husband and some of our friends and family will be walking in the March of Dimes, March for Babies. I’ve mentioned it on here a lot lately. It’s not too late to donate! If you feel compelled to donate in his name, or even in the names of your lost littles, or even your living littles, I encourage you to do so. We are all March of Dimes babies, whether we knew it or not. I’ve just been very blessed and lucky to have been positively impacted by the March of Dimes and I couldn’t be more blessed with the people I will be walking with. I think I may even be sporting a blue balloon in memory of… But, we’ll see. Blue kind of clashes with purple 🙂

So, if you feel led, here’s my personal page: http://www.marchforbabies.org/babybrooks

Next appointment: Mid May – 28 weeks – this will include some glucose I hear… Yuck. My appointment this week went fantastic. Little dude is perfect, and huge. At 24+5 I was measuring at just past 26 weeks. HR was a perfect 156. I basically got a perfect report card as we talked a little about what’s next and how I’m feeling. I did cheat and peek at my weight gain… Let’s just say I think maybe this time I’ve learned my final lesson. God created me to carry this babe, that’s all that matters. My hubs still thinks I’m hot, so win for me!
Exercise: *Same*…. Still walking the pup most days after work, weather permitting. I am still participating in my once a week yoga at work.
Maternity clothes: *Same* Yes and no still. Some shirts are, some shirts aren’t. Most of my skirts and pants are maternity though. That likely won’t change anytime soon 🙂
Sleep:  I’m actually having more successful sleepy nights than I am sleepless nights. I’m on a winning streak – I like it!
Food cravings:  *Same* Well, as I assumed my cravings didn’t last too long. I still prefer spicy, and I still love me some Thai.. But my desire for a Bonzai isn’t as strong. It was fun while it lasted. I’m pretty proud I only gave in to my desire once, well for the burger that is! Actually – I just want all the foods, but I’m realizing I can’t eat as much!
Symptoms: *Same*… I can’t. I just can’t even start…. I will say: Purpose. I’m thankful there is a purpose. (side note: who decided that it was a good idea to put ribs where you’re supposed to grow a baby??? It’s not my favorite idea at the moment). I had an hour long massage on Wednesday, she basically rubbed my ribs until I was snoring. It was amazing. I can’t wait to go back in one short month!
Baby’s Size/Milestones: Crosby’s hair is thickening, just like yours, and probably has a hair color by now, though you cannot see it. His nostrils are starting to open and the air sacs in his lungs continue to develop, priming to breathe air in a just a couple short months. Because he is producing surfactant, there is an increased likelihood of surviving a preterm birth at this point. Crosby’s loving his new sense of balance, as he can now tell which way is up and which way is down, and is using this talent to rotate himself towards the position he will be in during birth, head down and feet up. Crosby is now about fourteen inches tall, the size of a cabbage, and weighs close to two pounds. But, my guess is he is 2lbs already…..because lets face it, at 21 weeks he was a fatty already.
Movement: It’s glorious. Seriously the best thing in the world. Little dude is finally taking up so much room that he is on the left and right side. I’m noticing a lot more alien like movement… It’s entertaining. I watch it constantly. LOVE IT!
What I miss:  Meh. Nothing. I don’t think…. Colton, I miss him, a lot today. Maybe I miss being able to hop outta bed easily, and but easily I mean not laying there contemplating if things are worth getting up for. And I mean that in a – I’m flippin’ tired way…. Thus making me chronically late…..
What I’m lovingI’m loving how active this dude is. His little feisty personality kills me. Definitely loving my hair. I’m loving the bump and my belly button causes a great deal of humor, and on some occasions my wardrobe causes some humor too, but most days I would say that’s more of a war-zone. I’m loving how amazing of a job my hubs did painting Little C’s room this weekend – insert googly-heart-eyed emoji! I’m loving being on the other side of viability! The changing table we were gifted is pretty rad too!! We have been so blessed! And that statement doesn’t even come close to how thankful we are!
What I’m looking forward to:   I’m SOO looking forward to decorating Little Mr’s room, which I’m happy to take ‘painting’ off that list and just decorate now! I’m looking forward to Maternity pics and new hair cut and color in May! Looking forward to so so much. A life full of baseballs, tackles, snuggle sessions, and raising a man who loves Jesus. I’m also looking forward to….Baby Showers!!!!!!! I feel so spoiled and blessed.
I’m looking forward to bending over without spreading my legs or squatting to get to the floor. This, this is why…
Baby Purchases:  Notta thing – again…. We have finished our registries completely- I will say  I’m always humbled and blown away by people’s generosity. I get somewhat embarrassed when people ask where we are registered at because – gosh, they shouldn’t be buying us stuff! But, in a way I also understand the desire to buy tiny things. I can’t resist buying for friends and family too. I’m on the hunt for a swimsuit – our pool is getting opened up soon and this girl is going to basically live in it.
Best moment this week: Watching dude kick the midwife during my appointment. Raising funds for the March of Dimes. Finishing Crosby’s room. Also, buying the hubs concert tickets for our date day Saturday! Reaching 25 weeks. WHOA.
Hello 25 weeks! I can’t believe you’re here. I can’t believe that I’ve been gifted this amazing opportunity. I hope that as things get more and more uncomfortable that I never once take this experience for granted. That I remind thankful and humbled at Gods amazing grace.



4 thoughts on “Celebrating Life – 4.25.14 and we’re Marching

  1. You are so gorgeous! And I want you to know that I have been thinking of you with the upcoming anniversary. I have it written down in my calendar and always say a prayer for you when I see it. Love you girlie! Xo


  2. We did the MOD walk as well and it warms my heart when I see others walking for such a dear cause. Much love to you. Also, loving the pizza comment. I had it for breakfast!


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