A Lantern Festival

I had the privilege of joining my sister and her daughter to a lantern festival this weekend. I cannot tell you how much the sight of hundreds of lanterns made feel so much wonder. It was a simple, fun activity, but it truly took my breath away. I’d never heard of this before, nor have I ever seen anything like it!


As most of you know my niece has Down Syndrome and carries a joy in her that I think most typical adults don’t carry. Something as simple as lanterns floating off into the sky left her in awe and wonder. I’m almost certain there were tears in her eyes as she watched. She kept insisting she was a part of a scene from the movie Tangled. I, personally, have not yet seen that movie, but to watch her immerse herself into something so avidly was beautiful. She cheered, she jumped, she threw her hands to the sky and soaked in every single moment.


yes, she’s holding her heart. I think we all had tears, mine mostly because of her little heart!!!

I SO wish I could have captured her every move, her every word. through the evening… even if she did ask a million times if we were going to see Rapunzel and Flynn. We never did see those two characters from the movie – as I’m not sure this event was really about Tangled… But she was satisfied with the end result regardless and was out like a light in the car ride home. It was well worth the hour we waited in line to get in and the 2+ hour wait for the lanterns to be lit and sent off!



I was tired, it was late, I was hungry, my feet were swollen, but my heart had been filled again with beauty and wonder. Plus spending some girl time with my sister and my niece was very nice!


The evening concluded with fireworks, which I love watching fireworks. But for a little one with an extra sensitive sensory system, we enjoyed them with our ears covered and nestled in closely to this Auntie (she calls me Ti-Ti – pronounced tee-tee) and her momma. I didn’t mind one bit 🙂




5 thoughts on “A Lantern Festival

  1. that is amaZing! I’ve never seen that many lanterns. my friends sent out lanterns at their wedding last summer and people thought they were UFOs bahaha.


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