On to Year 3 – It keeps gettin’ better!

2 years ago today I was waking up to the most beautiful day I’ve ever been greeted by. It was sunny, it was warm, and I was promising my life to another. I was nervous, I was excited, and I was scared to be standing in front of so many people. I had kept my dress a surprise to everyone but one person. It felt like a true fairy tale.


I wore my mothers dress, my daddy walked me down the aisle, and we stood in front of all our family and friends and told each other that for better or for worse, in plenty and in want, in sickness and health that we would honor each other and love each other. The promises were easy to repeat, we meant every word of the vows we spoke. To this day, those words could not ring louder and truer in my spirit.


Our marriage started almost immediately with opposition. We saw loss, we saw pain, we saw sickness, we saw anger, we saw grief. I’ll even admit that after one full year I was half way preparing for it to crumble. BUT, we fought. We fought hard. We learned that the easy way out was to keep pressing forward, keep talking when we didn’t want to talk, keep serving when it felt like we had nothing left to give. The second full year… what a difference. THAT was our honey-moon phase and we’re still in it!


If there is one thing I’ve learned entering into the 3rd year – Don’t give up. It’s easier to fight it out than it is to walk away. It’s easier to struggle to keep trusting the Lord and the commitment you’ve made than it is to give up. And…

Oh my gosh is it rewarding.



You’ve been a rock. You’ve been a constant. You’ve loved me at my worst and you’ve loved me at my best. You’ve been an example for me to follow and you’ve been my anchor. You’ve been my biggest cheerleader and you’ve been my biggest challenger. You’ve seen my hopes and dreams be crushed and you’ve helped restore my hopes and dreams. You are strong, you are confident, you inspire me, you lead me, you guide me. Most days I’m not sure I could love you more than I do, but somehow with each passing day and each moment we share my passion for you deepens, my heart for you widens. You are an excellent father and I am thrilled to grow with you in a new year and a new chapter. I’m excited to learn to parent with you. I’m excited to watch God grow us as husband and wife into a family of 3. I’m willing to face the fun and the challenges we’re going to face all because I get to do it with you!

In plenty and in want, in good times and bad, in sickness and health baby – We’ve got this! It’s gonna be hard, it’s gonna be wild, but it’s gonna be amazing! We serve a good God! Thank you Lord for my Husband – I’d be lost in this mess without him.

Happy Anniversary, Lubber! 2 down – and MANY MANY more years to come!

Love Always,

Your Bride


15 thoughts on “On to Year 3 – It keeps gettin’ better!

  1. First and foremost Happy Anniversary!
    And you got in two years what took my husband and I a lot longer to learn. It’s work, but it’s worth it.


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