A little Over Achiever and a lot of gratitude

Bullet points. They can be life savers.

  • I’ve had 3 amazingly successful baby showers – and I feel completely overwhelmingly spoiled. Our friends and family have been incredibly generous and we couldn’t be more thankful.


  • I’ve posted a new page for our maternity pictures if you wanted to take a peek. I couldn’t just pick a couple. We ended up with just over 200 edited photos and I am SO thrilled how they turned out. It was a fun day, and I love how she captured us. Seriously, again, beyond thankful.


Due Date: August 6th, 2015

How far along: 32 (+3d)


Next Appointment: Here’s the scoop – most likely on Monday. I’ll spare you the in-depth details but Friday night we got the pleasure of spending the night at labor and delivery. It was awful. I thought I would pop in and pop out with a simply diagnosis of a UTI. Nope, how about Pre-Term labor. After 3 cervical checks and two rounds of medication to stop contractions and almost 8 hours later we got to go home. Let me tell you this, the first medication they gave me – it was horrible. I hated it. It’s known for unpleasant side effects but seriously. It sucked. My heart rate was flying ranging between normal and 130 for well over 20 minutes, I was shaking, and I felt like I was stuck in anxiety with a mixture of crack/cocaine or far too much caffeine. About 10 mins after the injection I started crying cause I hated it so much – it sucked. They wanted to do a second dose, but I was not thrilled about that option and thankfully our AMAZING nurse took initiative and called the Dr. and they found a second option for me. It was MUCH better (side effects are similar to taking Benadryl, as they are in the same family) and it actually helped long-term.

The great news about all this: Crosby is perfect – they even called him a wild man and an overachiever. It’s his apartment that isn’t amazing. So I was sent home with instructions to rest as much as possible and to try to stay horizontal as much as possible until I can be seen for a follow-up. So, I have every excuse to be as lazy as possible. With the exception of my baby shower – but even then, I was good and didn’t do hardly anything but open gifts and visit. Today will be far more lazy. I love the excuse to nap and do nothing. It feels good to slow down.


Gender: Boy – Crosby Dixon

Exercise: I had been swimming – but now it looks as though my exercise is limited again for the time being. Hopefully floating in the pool counts?

Stretch Marks & Belly Button: Nope 🙂 and it’s back to being mostly in – unless I’m really full… weird – I know.

Sleep: This weekend – it’s been drug induced sleep, but I will say I’m pretty darn thankful for the amounts of sleep I’m getting. Feels amazing. However, I will say – I didn’t sleep an ounce on Friday night.

Cravings: Nothing. I just love food. MAYBE I’d like a cold adult beverage or two… But I wouldn’t say it’s a craving.

Symptoms: Contractions, fatigue, pretty much anything you might expect from someone who is 30+ weeks prego. But, considering some have it pretty bad, I’m very lucky and have had a fairly easy/boring pregnancy.

Movement: Always rolling, twisting, kicking, punching. My little overachiever. I lub him so much.

Baby’s size/Milestones: Baby C keeps getting closer and closer to being born, and now measures in at close to 18 inches, the size of a pomelo, and weighs about four pounds. His head has a full coating of peach fuzz, and his skin is filling out as he packs on the pounds. He is still a little ways away from his first mani-pedi, but he does have a full set of both fingernails and toenails already. In fact, one of his favorite activities right now is sucking his thumb, which actually improves coordination and familiarizes him with his body. Baby C is really practicing for the big stage, breathing and “swimming” like crazy. He is also probably already in the head down position to prepare for delivery. Although there’s no guarantee, over 90% of babies born in the 32nd week of pregnancy survive.

Labor Signs: Mmm, I have some – but thankfully it’s not as bad as it could be! First goal is to make it to 34 weeks, next goal 36 weeks.. And so on and so forth. I’m pretty confident that we can make it to 38-40 weeks. At least that’s what I’m praying for.

Miss Anything: Hmm, I can’t think of anything..

What I love: My little man, growing a belly (most of the time), preparing for his arrival, celebrating his little life already!

What I’m looking forward to: Well, after Friday I’m feeling a little bit more crazy about having a small bag packed for the 3 of us. Connor was pretty cold in that room and now that we know – we can pack accordingly. I’m also going to throw the car seat in the back of my car – then we’ll install it later. But at least we’ll have it on hand. I’m looking forward to finishing his room and getting everything ready. I’m looking forward to being a family of 3.

Recent Purchases: hmmm, Nothing. But the next few weeks we’ll have a nice long laundry list of miscellaneous items.

Best Moment this week: Listening to his heart beat for almost 8 hours straight. Although, I hated the circumstances – it was still nice. Baby Showers. My sister-in-law S surprising me with her presence at the shower yesterday! Oh man, was that an amazing surprise.


I love that our pool is up and running. I can float – I was exercising in it – but now I get to just float. Oh and seeing this girl:



14 thoughts on “A little Over Achiever and a lot of gratitude

  1. You tell Little C Grandma B says he has to be patient a little bit longer. We are all anxious to meet him, but not just yet. ❤️


  2. I am so glad that they found you a different medication and that you got to go home to enjoy your baby shower and to do as little as possible! I’m glad Crosby is going well, and hope he stays put for at least a few more weeks! And you pictures are beautiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You look great! And that baseball cake is adorable. I’m praying for you that your sweet boy stays put a few more weeks, I know that’s scary. And yes, definitely bring warm clothes for hubby!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Isn’t the cake just SO cute?! I have so much cake left…. SO much! I’m hoping I can squeeze 5 more weeks outta him! Our bags now include some sweats and a hoodie for the hubs, just in case!


    • Thank you MLACS! We’ve started watching the Big Bang Theory from season 1. It’s a great mindless – silly show to just veg out to! I’ve definitely been getting better at asking the hubs to fetch this, or if he could help with this or that. It’s hard transition to that mode, for sure! XOX

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Rest up, mama! I went into preterm labor with Jordan and it allowed me to take a break of some sorts before she really got here. Your maternity pictures are amazing!!! Love them – I can see why you had trouble picking!


    • Aren’t they great?! I love having these little memories. The breaks are nice, I’ve definitely been welcoming the extra sleep and rest! I’ll have to go back and re-read your experience! I had completely forgotten about that with you and Jordan! AHH! She is so cute! XO


  5. Hi, I had the very same experience a year ago at 31 weeks (thought it was a UTI, ended up being preterm labor, drugs to stop it, etc.) I was sent home, told to rest as much as possible (not bed rest at all). End of story: my baby girl was born by c-section at 41 weeks + 3 because I NEVER went into actual labor at term and I wasn’t a candidate for induction.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I love stories like this! I’m still telling myself often that he’ll come late and we’ve got nothing to worry about! But I’m also doing (very little) research on early babies, just in case he decides to come early! Thanks for sharing your story, super encouraging!


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