4 weeks!

I’ve decided just once a month I’ll do a Crosby update. I want this blog to remain as it was and be focused on my everyday about everything not just our newest addition. As my title explains: life, love, Jesus. I’m sure because our newbie is part of our lives there will be plenty of him involved, but I’m intentionally wanting to focus on our lives as a whole… Not just Crosby.


Crosby’s Likes: boob. Crosby loves boob time. Seriously, he’s such a little piggy! However, I wish he would gain weight like a piggy! At 4 weeks old he has finally reached his birth weight. The lactation consultant and pediatrician both are not concerned about his weight, but this momma has definitely spent some time stressing. 

He’s eating every 2-2.5 hours and he takes his sweet time nursing. We are exclusively breast feeding, we’ve tried breast milk in bottles and he really doesn’t take it well. It’s the same case with a binki. So basically my boob is the binki. 

Crosby loves being snuggled and held and definitely knows when you lay him down even after he’s asleep! This momma’s arms are tired and I get nothing done. We’re going to start working on using a baby carrier! 


Crosby’s Dislikes: getting his butt changed, putting on clothes, waiting for food, bath time. He’s kind of a fussy butt. 

Nicknames: Peanut, bubs, blue eyed baby, Cros, stinker butt, Mr Squeaks.

Weight: finally back up to 8pounds 8oz

How’s momma?: It took a solid 2 weeks to feel 100% back to normal. I was very sore and swollen for the full 2 weeks but as soon as I hit that day I felt amazing. Besides being a little sleep deprived (which has given me a lingering headache since birth) I feel great. Being a momma is the best thing I’ve experienced.

Since we are breast feeding I knew and was prepare for it to be quite the learning curve. We had some initial latch issues, a sleepy baby who didn’t have interest in eating, and I was completely dilusional about how often babies eat. I knew it was often…. But I did not realize it was counted from start time to start time! 

At first I was nursing (and slow poke takes his time, about 30mins – some times 45mins) and then I would pump. I stressed my body out so much that my supply just stopped. So I stopped pumping for a couple weeks. Now we’re back at it. Currently I only pump 1 to 3 times a day. But I don’t push myself and if I don’t get to it, then I don’t get to it. So, we had our fair share of issues but we’ve made it 4 weeks!! If I can manage 4 I can manage 6, if I can manage 6 I can manage more…and we’ll take it day by day.


I’m constantly praying over my supply, over his little tummy, his little body, mind and heart. Constantly praying for a healthy little one! 

Life seems to be normalizing, I feel like we’ve got some type of routine, it’s still a little sloppy but I can predict at least a little bit about what our days look like. I’m very lucky to have the support I have. My husband is a champ and he’s learning just as I am. It’s a crazy journey.

I still can’t help but stare at his tiny little toes and perfect little face and I’m blown away that God is so faithful. I’ve been given this perfect little gift. Strangely enough, I think I’m excited to do it again. I loved my pregnancy, although hard… I loved our birth, and now I’m loving this new season. He’s a miracle and even if I’m only one who still sees it, I’m beyond grateful for this gift.


It’s amazing to me that on Sept 7 it will have been 3 years since the surgery that was botched and should have hindered us from having kids…..ever. 3 losses later I almost believed it to be our fate. But now my days are filled with spit up in my hair and my nights filled with sweet snuggles!! 


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