12 Weeks!

Dear Crosby,

I sit here in silence as you nap and I am in awe of how amazing you are. I’m sure every momma says that to their kids, but truly. You have challenged your daddy and I in ways we never even knew possible. You’re making us both aware of the selfishness we have deeply rooted in us. You’re making us communicate in ways (or argue and resolve issues) that we’ve never known before. You’ve brought out a side of me I never knew I had. I trust you, you trust me. I pray continually that we can always trust each other.

I am so proud of what you accomplish each day. I am proud of the new things you attempt to do. I am proud of the success you’ve found in experimenting with your hands, feet, body, and voice! Your personality is uplifting and contagious! You are so smart!

You are the light in my life. You are loved, deeply!

Love you always,


Crosby’s Likes: He’s a dude. Boobies for days. He’ll stare at them and smile if I even mention the boobs. I’m raising him well. HA! So along with that, he really likes to eat πŸ™‚ He loves to smile, he LOVES funny faces and noises. He’s becoming more aware of many noises so he startles easily on occasion and gets scared sometimes if he can’t find the source of the noise. This kid seriously has a deep love for water, which is awesome. He loves bath time and is incredibly good at flooding the bathroom already. So far it’s adorable. Maybe later, not so much? He also has a love for TV, this is new. I used to have HGTV on during the days to keep the house not so quiet. I have now transitioned to having that darn thing off all day because it’s distracting to him. Now I play music all day! I’m not a huge fan of screen time for littles, but sometimes I gotta give in a little during sports games. It just works out that way. It’s not my fav but, at least it’s incredibly limited.


Crosby’s Dislikes: Crosby is not particualry fond of the schedule we tried for many many weeks. He fights it tooth and nail and then it just throws everything off. He does not like it when I am on my phone, or trying to take pictures. It takes a lot of work and picture after picture to capture his true personality. The great thing is that he’s holding me accountable to be intentional. There’s not much he doesn’t like, which is great. 9 times out of 10 he is easy to soothe when needed. Generally he is a happy baby. But his moments of not happy are…. HARD.

We still have a reflux issue. However it has improved SO much. It’s pretty rare he experiences pain or discomfort. But again, if it’s bad, it’s really bad.

Crosby’s Milestones/Development: He holds his head up exceptionally well and for great lengths of time. He is doing great when trying to sit in a bumbo.


He loves to chat away with people and all of his toys. Heck he thinks the walls and the ceiling fan is funny. Every now and then we’ll hear a little chuckle emerge. It’s adorable. He’s attempting to grasp at toys when held out to him and he’s flapping those arms to hit toys that dangle from his activity mat. His legs are always going a million miles an hour and he’s loving standing and putting weight on those new muscles (obviously not unassisted). He’s currently going through another developmental Leap. As soon as he comes out on the other side his movements should be more fluid and less rigid. He’ll come out with a whole new set of skills and I love seeing new things emerge each day!

Nicknames: Mr. Chunk-a-muffin, punkin’ butt, Sir Pees/Poops A Lot, Sir Poopy Pants, Sneezy McPoopy Pants, Bubs, Cros.


Weight: last week he was 13 pounds 6oz. He’s been consistently gaining almost 2oz a day so this week I’m assuming he’s at 14 pounds, perhaps maybe a little more.


How’s Momma?: I’m doing really well. Sleep still seems to be a mythical activity, but I’m not really expecting things to change. I’m absolutely loving breastfeeding. It’s by far one of my most favorite activities with him. He’s turned into a great nurser and I’m SO happy to be past our obstacles and challenges we faced early on. 

I had always expected mommy hood would be an easy transition for me. I had always wanted to be a mommy and I had it in my head that I  knew it would be hard. Well I didn’t really know. It’s been a much more challenging transition than I had expected. I’m often staring at feelings of defeat or failure. I’m not as confident as I expected. I’m constantly second guessing my choices and concerned about whether this or that is truly best for Crosby and our family. 

But each day I’ve learned something new. And some days I feel like I totally dropped the ball, then other days I feel like super woman! You know, those days where you did all the laundry, kept the child alive, cleaned the entire kitchen, and somehow managed to keep myself well fed too! So, I’m learning and adjusting to this new life!

Last week I placed my notice at work. After further conversation, we’ve decided that for now my leave has been extended through January 2016. If it’s best for our family I’ll return to my current employer in a new position. However, we’re also open to the idea of allowing me to stay home full time. 

I cannot believe that 12 weeks have flown by. He’ll be in college before I can blink, I’m certain of it! 

And because everyone loves babies in costumes, I’ll leave you with this:



One thought on “12 Weeks!

  1. First and foremost, Crosby is so flipping cute! I’m sorry you are still struggling with reflux though. Babies with tummy troubles are so much more difficult to take care of than babies with no tummy troubles (based on my nephews being trouble free and Luke having issues).

    Second, I can’t believe how similar our situations continue to be. Aside from Crosby chunking up and Luke staying scrawny they are very similar little dudes. I still struggle with feeling like a failure too. Sure I have moments of greatness but most days I feel like a total failure. Someone said it gets better at about 6 months


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