4 months!

Dear Crosby,

Once again you’re snoozing on my chest. I can hear the threats of yet another wind storm blowing around the trees accompanied by the sweetest sounds of your snoring and deep breaths. I can tell you feel safe. Sometimes I start to feel a little impatient when you demand to sleep on me for the last portion of your naps. I get hungry, or I have to pee, or… I would just love a little space. But, I always remember- you need me. 

It’s been a privilege to watch you grow and learn new skills. I’m impressed by your increasing abilities and also saddened that you’re becoming more interested in your independence. But- without fail you still holler for me when you’re getting tired, hungry, or bored. Your high pitched screams of joy or laughter always make me giggle. Always. And when your bottom lip starts to quiver and turn to sadness, my heart always aches and my arms wrap themselves around you each and every time. I die inside when I see you cry. 

You continuously teach me things about myself, about God, and sacrifice. I’m amazed at my imperfections and how such a tiny little person like you can bring so much sanctification into my heart. 

Raising you is the deepest spiritual task I’ve been gifted. 

I love you. I love your wild spirit. I love your humor. I love your need and desire for more! You will do far greater things than I can ever dream of.

I love you,

Love- your momma!

Crosby’s likes: boobs. Seriously, I’ve taught him to be a dude very well. But I’m thankful to have such a good breastfeeding relationship with his love for boob. So naturally he loves eating. It’s safe to assume he’s probably not going to be a picky eater, but he may surprise me! Still loves bath time, and is excellent at drowning the entire room with water! He LOVES to be scared. So peek-a-boo is a daily must. He cracks up historically with Dad when they are scaring each other back and forth. Which reminds me- he loves to mimic people. So he definitely copies us. Which is great, it will probably hold me accountable for just about everything! 

Reflux is 95% gone (most due to my diet changing), I think we all like that!

Crosby’s dislikes: most recently….naps. Sleeping in general. I dare say we’ve been in the trenches of a sleep regression. However, it’s getting better, at least that’s what I tell myself! When he spits up he hates being wiped off. But other than that- this boy is pretty easy to please and generally happy- 99% of the time! Unless I’m taking too long trying to get pictures!!

Crosby’s milestones:

  • Holding head up perfectly
  • Reaching and grabbing toys
  • Rolling from back to tummy
  • Rolling from tummy to back (but seems to have forgotten how recently)
  • Sitting assisted
  • Reaching for and playing with toes
  • Talking, squeaking, squealing, raspberries.
  • Currently liking tummy time more and more.
  • Responds to his name 60% of the time. 
  • Loves his reflection
  • Loves to stand with assistance
  • Laughs like crazy at just about everything 

I know he’s doing so much more lately! So I had to just do bullet points! He’s incredibly conversational. Just plain silly!! 

Nicknames: Bubs, chubbers, Stinky Pants, C, and Cros πŸ’™

Weight/Stats:  17 pounds, 26.5 inches long, head circumference is 16.5 inches. 

Basically- he’s happy, healthy, and thriving! We are still EBF, and he currently isn’t too interested in bottles or binkies. 

– – – – 

There isn’t much going on over in the Brooks’ home. Just living, learning, and enjoying the holiday season. We did decide to have a spontaneous photo shoot with C, here’s fun we captured:

And, don’t worry, I didn’t let him actually chew on the lights. πŸ™‚ 

Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year 


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