Embracing a New Journey!

When my husband and I were dating he would work out of town often. Each weekend he would come home for a day or two to do some laundry, rest up, and repack for the coming week. Something that I delighted in doing was prepping little note cards and journals of encouragement. 

Once we got married his out of town work dwindled. Purposefully! We desired for him to be in town as much as he could. It was fantastic! 

Now that I have fully transitioned into being a stay-at-home mommy he has accepted out of town work again. It’s hard on all of us. It requires patience and sacrifice. I send loads of pictures throughout the day to keep him involved! But one thing I haven’t had time for is creating little daily notes of love and encouragement. 

So- as we enter week 2 of Daddy working out of town, here are some thoughts for your week!

  • Your sacrifices don’t go unnoticed. 

I couldn’t imagine the heartache of leaving for several days. Especially since adding Crosby to the mix. But you’ve made a noble decision to work and provide the very best for your family. It’s not unappreicated and I KNOW I could show and tell you that more often than I do. You’ve chosen to carry the burden of being the sole financial provider so that I can raise our son. 


  • Your hard work is deeply appreciated

Most days we only have a few minutes to actually talk or FaceTime. You are a hard worker. You are honest and you’ve never been one who will waste company time. You work hard and you are proud of the work you do. Although I wish while you were gone we had more time to talk, I know that because of your hard work Crosby will have a good example to look up to.


  • You are generous!

Because of these sacrifices and hard work, you have a heart that loves to give. You give to those in need. You give to those who want. You give your food, you give your heart. In all things, you are a giver. It’s something that I love most about you. You are generous with yourself, finances, prayer… Giving is who you are. You working away is another way for you to give. You are giving us the ability to be home. You are giving up and giving your time so that Crosby has everything he needs. 


We appreciate all that you do. We miss you something fierce! Thank you for everything you do for us. 

Love you always,

The Wifey and Crosby

I find that him being away makes it harder to embrace the journey. I find that Monday’s are a lot harder. It’s overwhelming and I’ve quickly learned how spoiled I am. I never have to take out the trash or clean the cat litter box. I never have to deal with recycling and now that it’s snowing- I usually don’t have to shovel. Thankfully my brother in law is coming to shovel for me 🙂 THANK YOU!!! My list could go on and on… But I’m sure you get the point! 
Maintaining a home alone for several days is seriously no joke. Between the baby and 3 animals someone always wants/needs something from me. I have a new respect for momma’s who are single-handedly tackling life with kiddos always! And those momma’s who’s partners or spouses are deployed or many other reasons. 

Hats off to you ladies! You are my hero! I’m embracing yet another journey, life is keeping me on my toes! Thankful to have complet rest in the Lord knowing I can soooo do this! 💙


2 thoughts on “Embracing a New Journey!

  1. Yep–you nailed it–taking care of baby and pets and ev-ery-thing else (from taking out trash to carrying all the groceries, etc.) and somehow sneaking in a shower…some days it’s really hard! Of course I don’t want to complain because being a SAHM is a dream-come-true for me, but it’s still important to acknowledge that it’s challenging and sometimes upsetting in ways that no other “job” is, especially when you’re physically alone for extended periods. You are doing a great job mama! I hope your DH is home for the holidays! XOXO


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