Another week away

  • Your commitment to finish is admirable.

After some midnight pillow talk that included my fears, my anxieties, my worries (and plenty of tears) about you being gone so frequently you offered to come back home and not finish the work needed out of town. Of course I want you home. I need you. But, you and I are not quitters. We follow through with the job until it’s complete. Maybe it takes longer than it should sometimes- but, it gets done. I dare say we’re both slightly “doers”. 

Your desire to put us first is admirable in itself, but your desire to complete a commitment is a great quality. This season is only temporary. It’s good for us and our family.

  • Your snoring has increased

Okay, okay. Before you see this as a fault or me bashing you- hear me out!! Snoring usually means that you are sleeping, and sleeping hard. Well, when you come home from a long week and snuggle up in bed with me (and shortly after bedtime Crosby joins in on the snuggles) and start snoring I know that it means far more than me being jealous of your ability to sleep so well and so soundly!

(Between this face and yours the two of you sleep amazing!)

To me… It means you gave this week your all. It means that you are HOME in OUR bed… Together. It means you’re comfortable and cozy! 

  • You take care of me

You filled up my car with gas. You saved me some left overs. You helped me fold all the laundry before your departure. You let me shower for as long as I want, uninterrupted!! You usually even make me breakfast when you are home. You empty all the trash and clean the litter box, all on Sunday so the likelihood of me having to do it is less! 

We’re lucky to have you. I’m lucky to have you. I’m also thankful. I’m practically a wreck when you’re gone, so hurry home love. We miss you!!



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