I love you because… 

I love you…

  • Because you let me nap when I need it most.
  • Because you work stinking hard to make sure we have everything we need and then some.
  • Because the way you look at and play with Crosby.


  • Because you are a wonderful leader and example, not only in everyday life- but in our faith and relationships with Christ.
  • Because you almost always let me eat “first” and willingly play or hold Crosby during dinner time when you’re home. Pretty soon Crosby will get to eat WITH us instead of just watching 🙂
  • Because you always touch me when walking by. Whether it’s a swift spank in the rear or just a quick kiss on the cheek (oo-la-la)
  • Because you respect and honor my opinions and suggestions. We are always working towards being a better team than individuals.
  • Because you encourage me to do things I wouldn’t normally do on my own.
  • Because you encourage me in general.

Week 4, day 1. We’re at it again and I will say it’s no more or less challenging than week 1, day 1. I’m super thankful that you and I binge clean on the days you are home so that Crosby and I can just continue making a mess while you’re away. It’s incredibly helpful to start the week of reset. Laundry 100% complete, dishes 100% complete, house cleaned and vacuumed. 

What’s most challenging, which I fail to speak more of, is that your presence is missed. Your smile at the end of the day. Your helping hands to love on our son at the end of the day. Our conversations, our hugs and kisses goodnight. Yes, it’s nice to have my helper for household stuff and yeah I have plenty of room for improvement on balancing life as a mom who gets the pleasure and blessing to be a homemaker, but really…. It’s just hardest to have you be gone. 

It’s just a season. I cannot thank you enough for your sacrifice to make sure we’re living out our dreams as a family! 



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