Two for One

Dear Crosby, 

Today is day 1 of week 5 that your daddy has been away working his tail off. I know you may be too little to really understand the concept of time but not seeing him for 4 full days really does a number on us. BUT, that smile you get the minute you lay eyes on him… Irreplaceable. Your whole face explodes with pure joy. And daddy… He gets pretty darn excited to see you too. I’m not sure who’s smile is bigger. All I know is we ALL look forward to Thursday nights! 

You, my sweet child, have refined me in ways I wouldn’t have ever imagined. I like order. I like clean. I crave routine. You are teaching me constantly to no longer be a slave to the need for “sameness”. You’ve taught me the art of flexibility and sacrificial time and energy. You’ve taught me how to juggle not one or two things, but perhaps even 5 tasks at once. And not only are you teaching your momma, YOU are learning and growing at an alarming rate. I’m significantly impressed by your ability to wake up and smile from dawn until dusk.

Your presence is a constant reminder to me lately that little eyes and little ears are observing. I am who you will learn from and look to for guidance. What an honor and a burden. I am imperfect, and you’ll watch me fail- but I promise you can trust me. 

I love your wild heart, I love your courageous spirit. We are beyond proud of you.

Love always,

Your Momma


I love you, CONNOR, because…

  • You have shown an abudence of patience and encouragement while you are working away.
  • You are an amazing spiritual leader 
  • You’re guiding me and supporting me in ministry, in devotional times, and in parenting.
  • You love Crosby.
  • You are study and strong and unwavering.

Once again we part ways for the week. I spend a few moments grumbling and in my half-asleep state beg you to crawl back in bed and not go. But.. You must. This was the provision we prayed for. It definitely doesn’t look the way we planned but we’re surviving. Thank you for being a great partner and companion in this (hopefully short) season. 

You’re the best. ❤️

Crosby’s Likes: 

  • Boobies
  • Rolling from back to tummy (constantly)
  • Sitting 
  • Smiling
  • Being tickled
  • His bouncer
  • Bath time
  • Peek-a-boo
  • Books

Crosby’s Dislikes:

  • Some strangers or when too many people get close to his face
  • Getting out of the bath
  • Clothes and/or diaper being changed
  • Teething 
  • On Occasion he doesn’t like his car seat
  • (Thankfully there’s not much he doesn’t like)


Crosby’s Milestones:

  • Sitting almost completely unassisted for short periods of time.
  • Rolling really well from back to tummy just about every single time he’s on the floor.
  • Bouncing like a crazy man
  • Starting to babble instead of only coo’s and ahh’s.
  • Almost always responds to his name unless he’s intrigued by something.
  • Hits toys and objects on the table
  • Trying to army crawl
  • Stands with assistance but loves trying to pull himself up.

Nicknames: Bubs, stinker butt, C, and baby. My nephew calls him Crozzy 💙

Weight: on Jan 7 (he was 5m on the 6th) he was 19lbs even and 28 inches tall. He wears size 9 month clothing very comfortably. We still don’t do bottles (not by choice, and for my records we nurse on demand and he still wakes frequently to eat at night-  


See this face- yeah I took this picture at 11p) and binkies are great for teething toys, Ha! I’m currently reading a few books and two are for introduction to solids. We are going to explore the method of Baby Led Weaning.  


I’m not planning on weaning him from nursing anytime soon, but we do intend on introducing solids at 6 months! We are super excited and I know Crosby will thoroughly enjoy food! 

 (don’t worry the bumbo is strapped to the back of the chair and I never once left his side!) 


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