3/4 of the way to 1! 

Dear Crosby,

Your sweaty little head is resting on my chest as your little eye lids flutter. I’m assuming you’re in a light phase of sleep but the sound of your breath is relaxed and calm. I could kiss your lips a million times while you sleep on me. 

You’ve always been a busy boy and now… You are even busier. I didn’t even know that was possible! You zoom from room to room. Pulling up, plopping down, and even testing those walking skills by attempting a step or two along the furniture. Sometimes though- you just feel stuck and I try to encourage you with ways to “unstuck” yourself in the standing position. 

You are so fun. You love your daddy. You adore your puppy and kitties. You love food and play time. In most ways you are absolutely the easiest. Which is amazing. Cause for a while there – you were really hard. 

Your free spirit, boldness, and stubbornness is fiesty and fun to watch and mold. You are so strong willed- I’ve met my match! Perhaps you’ll be a lot like me. 

My favorite part of you is how much you love worship music. Every Sunday you bounce along with the words. It melts my momma heart. God has BIG things for you. I don’t know what, but oh my goodness. I cannot wait to have front row seats to His goodness in your life. 

You are the best work I’ve ever done. I love you to the moon and back and then more.

Love you always,

Your Momma.

Weight: 22lbs 7oz  Height: 30 inches

Words: momma, up

Teeth: 2 bottom teeth, 1.5 top teeth

Naps: 2 naps (first is about 1.5hrs, second is about 2-2.5hrs)


  • Standing
  • Eating solid’s 2+ times a day (he loves squeeze pouches – he will suck those things dry all by himself)
  • Sleeps in crib alone for the first half of the night.
  • Attempting to walk along furniture
  • Pincer grasp is excellent
  • Walks with us holding his hands
  • Dances with music
  • Plays peek-a-boo behind objects
  • Loves mirrors – a lot!
  • Will pull baskets out of their home to reach in and get the toy he wants
  • Drinks from a straw sippy cup

He’s not yet clapped – but he’s just not finding it amusing. He’s also attempted waving once or twice but has since forgotten. I’m sure these skills will reappear soon.

We walk with the March of Dimes on April 23rd. My fundraising totaled to $1,550.00! Thank you to everyone who helped raise those funds to support healthy momma’s and healthy babies 💙

Time is flying by. I am so proud of my bubba. I’m so incredibly thankful for the stretch, the expansion of my heart, and the gift we’ve been given. Crosby is truly a blessing.


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