10 months

Dear Crosby,

As the months come and go I am still in awe and amazed at the wonderful gift that you are. Your humor, your eyes that smile with your little perfect lips and those adorable teeny tiny baby teeth, melt me to the core. Especially when you’re being naughty. You’ve recently starting this terrible habit of biting me. Not just while nursing but you’ll be cruising along and then CHOMP, right on my leg, or my arm, or my cheek… I firmly tell you no and your little eyes peek up at me and you burst out in BLAH BLAH BLAHS and a little grin and wiggle on your way. You little stinker- but you’re just SO cute… 

I remember just a short few months ago when you were colicy, refluxy, and exhausting. I was drowning in sleep deprivation and worry that I had done something terribly wrong. But now, you’ve grown out of those things and you’ve blossomed into a baby that I thoroughly enjoy. There are still days that bring challenge, but I feel more readily equipped to gently guide you. 

Your sense of adventure is high! I love that you are curious, always exploring and soaking in so many things. You also have no fear… Sometimes you’ll want to go diving right off the edge of the sofa, bed, or stairs – even though you’ve crashed many times before, it never stops you. So we’re going to start working on teaching you ways to get off the furniture in a good way that will boost your independence and confidence. 

I love your humor, your silliness, your ability to make me laugh so many times. I love your piggy ways – down to the way you hoarf all your meals and nursing times to the way your snore in your sleep on occasion. 

You’re the best work I’ve ever done. You’re always the sweetest dream that’s ever come true. 

I love you with all my heart,


Weight: I haven’t had him weighed- but I’m assuming about 24lbs, and perhaps 31 inches tall. He’s recently had a big growth spurt and we are now in mostly 12-18m clothing and some 18m clothing.
Words: mama, dada, up, and I think we’re working on Hi, and Dog.

Teeth: 4! Two top two bottom, and some more on the way! 

“Crosby, show mama your teeth..”


Naps/sleeping: Crosby is taking 2 very consistent naps a day, one early/mid morning and the other early/mid afternoon. Bedtime.. Well we’re still working on a solid bedtime, but he’s started sleeping through the night. Definitely not consistent yet, but he’s had 6 amazing nights. I am very pleased with our progress. 

If you are having sleep issues and want expert advice, I encourage you to reach out to my dear friend – Julia at The Well Rested Nest

She’s helped guide me and help me trouble shoot sleep issues and now we are all starting to get more sleep! 

Nicknames: Bubba, Butta, stinker butt, baby, chunk-a-muffin.


  • Pulling himself to standing
  • Eating constantly. 3x a day, and a snack or two. 
  • Sleeps alone, in his crib for the majority, if not all of the night!!
  • Walks along furniture and transfers to other furniture pieces
  • Starting to explore the idea of letting go of said furniture and see where that might take him!
  • Walks with little support
  • Love racing games and playing
  • Starting to wave and smack his lips for kiss sounds
  • Attempted to clap the other day- but since then hasn’t done it again
  • Is basically a fish- LOVES water and will attempt to climb into anything that hold water.

There are so many things he explores and tests, that I just can’t keep up. But those are the main things I feel. 
And here’s some fun pictures of my chunk-a-muffin 💙