11 Months

Dear Crosby,

Each and every month I sit down to write this post and almost each month I’m left speechless. There are so many feeling that surround what it’s like being your momma. And each new month brings greater purpose, greater joy, greater struggle. It’s nearly impossible to really communicate the ways you have blessed me. It’s nearly impossible to communicate how much life you bring to our family. 

I love being with you. Yeah, There are days when I need a time out, a quick breather. But you are so joyful! I love watching you play, cheering you on, and watching carefully as you soak in new skills!

At almost 1yr old I am so amazed at how much you have accomplished, how much you have learned. I’m proud at how quickly you learn and how eager you are to figure things out! You are chatty, you are brave, you are strong, and you are a fighter! 

Thank you for teaching me so much! You will never truly understand how beautiful, how cherished you are in my eyes. I love you, we loved you with every bone in our body! I am so proud of you.

Love you always,

The Momma

Weight: you’ve been a sicky poo for the last week, and by sick, I mean REALLY sick. So you have dropped weight. You are  22.3lbs and 30.5inches tall. You are still in 12-18m clothing and some 18m clothing.

Words: mama, dada, cat (sorta, haha!), up, and working on a clear “dog”. Also just once you copied your auntie by trying to make the “tickle tickle” words. I swear there are multiple times a day when I say something you repeat a word rather well, but then we don’t hear anything more clearly. That’s ok, I think you’re definitely working on those skills! Love hearing your little voice- it melts me!

Teeth: You have 4.5 big teeth, but there are 2.5 that are bulging and just barely breaking through the gum line! 

Sleep/naps: HA! We were on such a good routine and you were a rockstar! Then you got really sick and EVERYTHING flew out the window. That’s ok, you needed me more, you needed more sleep, and you needed lots of comfort. We’ll get back on track once you’re better!

Nicknames: “Dobby” as your little cousin calls you, bubs, bubba, Butta. Since our vacation and the name Dobby came out- that’s been a frequent lately. 


  • Trying to mimic so many actions and words
  • Loves trying to poke food on his table with a fork, or he will grab a piece of food and try and place it on a fork or spoon and then bring it (unsuccessfully haha) to his mouth. The look on your face when doing it is priceless!
  • Took 1.5 tiny steps between his walker and the sofa to transfer objects, but other than that you scale the walls, the furniture and scoot along crawling just fine. I thought for sure you’d be walking by now- so you’ve surprised me with you contentness in your current skills. 
  • Loves hitting two objects together and hearing the different noises it makes!
  • Loves emptying and filling baskets with toys and objects.
  • …. And so much more!

I am in awe that my bubba will be 1 next month. It’s NUTS! I am so thankful and blessed to have him 💙

We recently went on a family vacation, so I will be doing a camer dump here pretty sooooon! Cannot wait to share all our fun!