15 months 

15 Months

Weight: we aren’t sure- his 15m appt isn’t until Tomorrow but our guesstimate is roughly 26lbs and 33 inches tall! He is in mostly 18-24m clothing and some exclusive 24m clothing. He has a long torso and shorter legs, so sometimes they’re a little long. 😍

Words: Not a whole lot going on with words. He was saying things but then stopped completely. He babbles constantly and I think he’s starting to attempt at picking those words back up- but I can’t tell. I’m sure he’s fine, but we’ll chat at his appointment!

Teeth: He has 8 teeth and I think he’s starting to work on some molars. Either way teething isn’t too terrible for us, thankfully!

Sleep/Naps: Crosby takes one 2-3hr nap a day in the early afternoon. Bedtime is usually around 630/7p and he sleeps through the night until 6-7a. On occasion he’ll sleep until 7:15a! We love that he’s finally a decent sleeper! (Thanks Julia!!)

Nicknames: Turbo, chobby, Chobs, Bubba 💙


  • Walking forward and most recently backwards.
  • Attempting at Climbing up on everything 
  • Loves attempting to get dressed himself (socks, shoes)
  • Dancing like crazy
  • Follows simple instructions very well (can you take this to daddy, bring me your sock.. etc)
  • Likes to color/explore arts and crafts
  • Great at identifying who is who (where is George – our cat – or where is mommy/daddy/kitty)
  • Understands when we tell him we’re going somewhere and runs for the door waving bye-bye.
  • Independently brush his teeth – but not thoroughly so I help afterwards 😂
  • Makes the sound of/shows us what an elephant says as well as a lion and when he sees a peacock he says “caaak, caaak”
  • Can identify his nose, belly button, head. He can almost get his eyes and ears now. Haha

So many things for this busy boy! He is our Joy. He is such a gift. We’re having more fun than ever! 

Dear Crosby, 

You have a bright Future and you are such a passionate, opinionated, strong person. I am so proud of you and delighted to be your mommy. 

Your heart and passion for little kids, music, and Jesus is so apparent already. I can’t wait to watch your relationship with Jesus flourish. 

You are such a gift to me, Crosby. I love you more than you will ever fathom. It breaks me and fills me daily! 

Love you always,

Your Momma


See you soon, baby – who ever you might have been! You’ve shown me that I’m not as broken as I thought I was. You helped me remember that I’m not a wreck, that I am strong, capable, and incredibly thankful for a healthy body, a rainbow baby and people in my corner. 4 miscarriages is 4 too many but for some reason God has another Miracle to work out. He’s entrusted me to carry out something. A something I know nothing about… something I wish I understood. A bigger plan. A ministry of hope and encouragement. Some days I would rather hide it all…I’m embarrassed to be the one who can’t keep a pregnancy… but I believe it’s important to always share the good work He’s started in me and that He will complete. Im incomplete and He’s working on something good, of that I know!

*Celebrating Life – Nov 9, 2014*

Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy. We miss you something fierce little Colton James Brooks 💙


2 thoughts on “15 months 

    • Hi! Julia is a pediatric sleep specialist we used to help us teach Crosby how to sleep independently. Goggle: the well rested nest 🙂 she works with tons of local and non-local families!


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