Game Plan

We did run into a minor obstacle. It was confirmed that I do have diminished ovarian reserve with an antral follicle count of only 4 per ovary and AMH levels at 0.75. Thankfully thatโ€™s better than none and I do have at least 4 per side! Our RE suggested that the average female my age has around 15 follicles per ovary and an AMH of at least 2.0. So I am definitely under average, and because of our RPL and at least one documented case of a chromosomal abnormal baby, he suggested that I more than likely have more bad eggs than good eggs, however, I still have good eggs left, itโ€™s just a matter of catching the one good eggie!

-Me, October 2014

Thankfully over the span of 2 years not much has changed. Our RE suggested that my AMH levels of .90 is more than likely due to a lab difference as AMH doesn’t usually ever see improvement and it’s still so close to the previous level (0.75) that it’s likely roughly the same as it was. The only difference was my AFC (antral follicle count), which yielded just one less follicle (only 3) per ovary. So, our case stands that my ovarian reserve is not optimal and the quality of my eggs are likely poor which is resulting in chromosomally abnormal babes. 

Thanks to the mug exchange this year I had some cute socks to rock for my ultrasound!

To help increase our chances of becoming pregnant we’ll eventually add in the same action plan we used to achieve Crosby (letrozole+trigger injection+timed intercourse+lots of progesterone). We’re thinking probably February 2017 is when we will start. But there is no firm date in mind. 

To help increase our odds of staying pregnant…. there’s not much else we can do. Thankfully our RE is straightforward. He doesn’t play games and specifically said that there isn’t any set protocol we could follow that would guarantee anything. Which, I understand completely. And I respect him for being so straightforward with us. I prefer honesty so that I know what to be prepared for.

Overall our visit was exactly what I expected and had hoped for. The only bummer is our beloved RE will officially be gone come mid February.

Dates are TBD ๐Ÿ™‚

After lots of consideration I’ll likely start up therapy in preparation of treatments and then in the event of pregnancy I’ll probably continue going until I feel comfortable. My mental health probably depends on this action plan. I am not sure that I could possibly endure any more loss and stay healthy if I don’t get my head on straight beforehand. I’ve been on the search for someone local who takes our insurance and is a Christian/biblical based counselor who has experience with pregnancy related issues/infertility/fertility treatment etc. I’m having a hard time finding someone but I am waiting on a returned phone call or email from someone I am interested in meeting. 

I am simultaneously excited and antsy to get started, then absolutely terrified to actually be pregnant again. As mentioned, another loss might just tip me into the coo-coo-nest. (But then again, maybe it won’t- often times I underestimate what I am capable of enduring…) So, overall I have a lot of time to mentally prepare, wean my son, and prep my body to be in good physical shape and readiness for treatment. I have time to process and also get excited about new, fresh opportunity for our family. 

TA-DA! There you have it! A tentative game plan! Let’s make another baby ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’™