Lately – Camera Dump

Family Pictures, Fall 2016 (Ghunk Photography)

I absolutely LOVE this last photo- I may have to contact her and ask that she add one more shadow now though… a very sad, yet beautiful visual of our family!

Christmas & Winter 2016

Random Memories 

Battling all the sickies all at once- not fun- but enjoying all the extra snuggles and naps!

SheReadsTruth is a great App that allows me to get the word in when I’m nap trapped, busy, or on the go!

Doula work is going amazing- I closed 2016 with 14 birth 😍 it is an honor to be supporting women through such an amazing life change 💜💙

We are both part of the Staff at our home church- this was our only Xmas Picture taken of the two of us this year. This was at our teams xmas dinner.


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