13 weeks

EDD: Oct 2nd, 2017 

Next appointment: April 27th

Maternity clothes: majority of my pants are now the low panel to allow for some wiggle room, but otherwise- nothing quite yet!
Sleep: I am sleeping quite well comparatively to Crosby’s pregnancy. However, my dreams make me toss and turn and I am woken many times due to extreme nausea, nightmares, and the urge to pee
Food cravings: Sushi, cold fruit, ice, lemon water, baked goods.
Symptoms: Extreme Morning sickness- cannot wait to feel better. Thankful for modern medicine- Diclegis has saved my life, coupled with zofran or phenegran.
Movement: Nothing I can say for CERTAIN is baby, but just recently I question some of the bubbles or twists I feel deep down. Hopefully soon I can know for sure!
What I’m loving: The opportunity to grow another baby. The second trimester!!!
What I’m looking forward to: May 12, anatomy scan!! 
Time seems to be going incredibly slow. I can’t believe I’m ONLY 13 weeks. But, I’m thankful for the slowness, this means extra long moments with my boy, Crosby. I can really soak in the moments where it is just US. He’s been a trooper! He’s been so patient with me while I combat some awful morning sickness, which I didn’t have quite as badly with him, and he’s been loving the extra movies and snuggles! 

I’ve been struggling with my diet, I have a huge list of restrictions and some days I win and some days I lose, but I am really starting to focus on cleaning things up. Mostly for proper nutrition and also to ensure I can gain as much energy and health during the pregnancy as possible. Being dairy free, gluten free (and amaranth – which is in most store bought GF items) , egg free, sugar free, soy free, whey free, and yeast free is not ideal while pregnant. I want baked goods, I want breads, I want carbs. So, I’m on a journey to learn to finally use my bread maker, turn on the oven and hopefully spit out some “Morgan safe” products. 

My hubby has been a saint- picking up my slack as much as possible while still working full time and caring for our family. I’m sure it’s not been an easy task and hopefully he knows how deeply appreciated all his help and understanding has been. He’ll fetch me my meds and slice up my lemons and help me find snacks and foods that are safe and healthy for me. He’s made and cleaned up the majority of dinner for the last 2.5 months. Not to mention he’s washed, dried, folded and hung the majority of our laundry. Meanwhile, I sit/lay like a bump on a log and do my very best, which is mediocre. As I wiggle my way into the 2nd trimester I am gaining a tad bit more energy and hopefully trying to wean off my medication in a couple weeks. 

So far, so good. I am thrilled and amazed at the boring pregnancy I’ve had so far. I am now released to regular OB care- so, I’m seeing the same Midwives who had cared for me during Crosby’s pregnancy. 

Thanking Jesus daily for a healthy baby so far!

On to number 2!!!

YIPPY! This weekend we announced that there will be another squishy to love on in our family. Shortly after posting on FB and Instagram I immediately felt shame. Shame that I so casually posted about our pregnancy. Shame that I wasn’t even sensitive to my friends and family on social media who might be struggling or still waiting for their first. There’s not a minute that I forget what that’s like. I feel as though I can’t keep quite about the miracles and gifts that God has placed in our lives. 

In March of 2013 I was told I had bilaterally blocked tubes and too much scar tissue up there to have them opened up and produce children. I’ve now been gifted with 6 pregnancies. No, I may not have 6 living children- but heck, 6!! Not bad for being told it won’t ever happen. 

So here’s the background:

  • 3 days before I was due for my cycle I emailed my nurse at the clinic from bed knowing the weekend was coming and I needed to order our meds for the next cycle.
  • Got out of bed and decided- sure I may as well waste a cheapie from WalMart…..
  • Totally shocked and amazed and completely confused at how DARK that line was for only 10dpo
  • Called RE and explained that I had sent the email before getting out of bed and tested…. they agreed to see me through Beta Hell.

Beta#1 – 225.5

Beta#2 – 610.7

Beta#3 – 2102

Ultrasound #1 – gestational sac + fetal pole at 4w+5d but measuring 1w ahead

Ultrasound #2 – confirmed HB of 124 – measuring 1w ahead again (5w6d- but measuring 6+6)

Ultrasound #3 – measuring again 1 full week ahead- HB 169 (8w but measuring 9w)

So- today I am 10w even. It’s been a long few weeks. I was hit very hard in weeks 4-7 with Influenza A, then a stomach virus, and then pretty bad morning sickness set in and I was miserable until my RE gave me Diclegis. It’s changed the quality of my life dramatically and I am so thankful for modern medicine when holistic approaches do not work. 

EDD: Oct 2nd, 2017 

Next appointment: March 13th

Maternity clothes: pulled out some stretchy pants this week! So much more comfortable come 5p!

Sleep: I am actually sleeping a bit better than I was with Crosby. Might be the medication, or the fact that I’m going all day and don’t stop!

Food cravings: Grapefruit Juice, ice cold lemon water, nothing too particular! 

Symptoms: Extreme Morning Sickness, fatigue, mild cramping, sore lower back.

Movement: Not yet! Hopefully soon!

What I’m loving: The opportunity to grow another baby. The opportunity to practice being normal and not fear and anxiety driven.

What I’m looking forward to: Feeling movements and knowing the gender.

I’m so excited, but nervous, and happy and terrified. I have felt every emotion on the spectrum. But I am in awe that we have finally had a spontaneous pregnancy- that has not miscarried. Granted I am so aware than anything can happen at anytime- but so far this babe is a survivor, thriving, being amazing at making his/her presence known! I’m in shock and awe. I feel so lucky and blessed to be experiencing this. It’s exhilarating!!

I can’t wait to watching this pregnancy progress and see what God’s future is for us. 

A little tardy- 18 Months

Yes, that is sunscreen…. we picked our battles ha!!

Weight: Crosby is 26+ pounds and just over 33 inches tall. He’s kinda coasting right now, perfectly healthy and perfectly normal!

Words: Crosby’s vocabulary has exploded in the last few months. He is very proficient in almost all animal noises and and communicate verbally very well with us. He is not afraid of trying to say new words and usually has success with new words. Crazy to be hearing his sweet little voice!

Teeth: He has 10 teeth and working on 2 more – ouch! 

Sleep/Naps: Crosby takes one 2-3hr nap a day in the early afternoon. Bedtime is usually around 630/7p and he sleeps through the night until 6-7a.

Nicknames: Turbo, chobby, Chobs, Bubba 

Milestones: So many things for this busy boy! 

  • using more than 10+ words a day
  • Follows directions very well
  • Loves having the option to pick his outfits, Jammies, and food/snacks. 
  • Using the potty infrequently but had expressed a desire to start communicating potty behaviors. I’ll go with it- not holding my breath though
  • Walking up and down the stairs independently 
  • Has a deep desire for reading, a deep love for fish and animals, and loves to play/color on his doodle pad.

Dear Crosby, 
You are strong willed, fierce, frustrating and insanely sweet all at the same time. You know what you want, when you want it and rarely take no for an answer. 

You and I, we are very similar. So we butt heads a lot. You get frustrated with me and I with you but our love and bond is captivating. You get me. I get you. 

I love watching you learn, explore and take chances! You are brave, fearless, energetic and a ball of continuous energy! I love watching all the creativity pouring from your imagination. I am left in awe and wonder daily at what a gift you are to us and our family. 

Love you always,

Your Momma