A little tardy- 18 Months

Yes, that is sunscreen…. we picked our battles ha!!

Weight: Crosby is 26+ pounds and just over 33 inches tall. He’s kinda coasting right now, perfectly healthy and perfectly normal!

Words: Crosby’s vocabulary has exploded in the last few months. He is very proficient in almost all animal noises and and communicate verbally very well with us. He is not afraid of trying to say new words and usually has success with new words. Crazy to be hearing his sweet little voice!

Teeth: He has 10 teeth and working on 2 more – ouch! 

Sleep/Naps: Crosby takes one 2-3hr nap a day in the early afternoon. Bedtime is usually around 630/7p and he sleeps through the night until 6-7a.

Nicknames: Turbo, chobby, Chobs, Bubba 

Milestones: So many things for this busy boy! 

  • using more than 10+ words a day
  • Follows directions very well
  • Loves having the option to pick his outfits, Jammies, and food/snacks. 
  • Using the potty infrequently but had expressed a desire to start communicating potty behaviors. I’ll go with it- not holding my breath though
  • Walking up and down the stairs independently 
  • Has a deep desire for reading, a deep love for fish and animals, and loves to play/color on his doodle pad.

Dear Crosby, 
You are strong willed, fierce, frustrating and insanely sweet all at the same time. You know what you want, when you want it and rarely take no for an answer. 

You and I, we are very similar. So we butt heads a lot. You get frustrated with me and I with you but our love and bond is captivating. You get me. I get you. 

I love watching you learn, explore and take chances! You are brave, fearless, energetic and a ball of continuous energy! I love watching all the creativity pouring from your imagination. I am left in awe and wonder daily at what a gift you are to us and our family. 

Love you always,

Your Momma


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