5 Months


I blinked and 5 months went by. I catch myself telling people that I just had a baby…. HA! Nope.

Kobe Jae is 5 amazing months old. He has grown not only physically but also in personality and wit. He is charming, intuitive, intense, and seriously so so sweet.

Kobe’s Likes: this boy. He loves to be held, loves all the attention he can handle. He loves to bounce and stand up by holding your hands. He loves to play, as long as you play WITH him. He adores baths and his big bro. Especially fond of compliments and tickles.

Kobe’s Dislikes: thankfully he seems to have mostly grown out of completely loathing the car seat. Now, he mildly hates it: more like he will tolerate it- sorta. Tummy time is… well, unsuccessful. He cannot stand it. He also HATES waking up alone…. me too bud, me too.

Nicknames: Kobioshi, bud, Bubba, turkey, Chubba, Chubbers, fat man.

Weight & Height: Mr Chubs is a hearty 18lbs 4-ish oz and I have no clue on height…. but he is in 9-12m clothing. Depends on the brand though.


  • Sitting with a teeny-tiny bit of assistance – but doing well!
  • Thinking about cutting a tooth – yikes
  • Very responsive to games, toys, and all interaction
  • Responds to name and his reflection
  • Grabs toys (or your hand, plate, drink…) easily and rarely misses
  • He has ZERO interest in rolling either direction. Unless he’s in the bath, then he considers rolling to his tummy.

Kobe has emerged from his seriousness. I believe he will be more calculated and thoughtful/mindful than Crosby was/is- just by observing their two personalities. But he is definitely showing more and more of his silly side. He’s actually quite funny!

His good sleeper moments are beyond over and I have turned into a zombie. Thankfully, unlike Crosby, he’s very easy to get back to sleep. But he wakes anywhere from 4-8x per night. Which isn’t good for anyone. But we will survive. I will get through the sleep deprivation induced mental state and I will eventually one day sleep again!

My family is a gift and I am thankful that it’s me (and my husband) that God chose to raise these boys. I really hope I don’t screw it all up.