Happy Half Birthday Chubbers

Dear Kobe,

6 months ago you made your debut but it feels like I have known you my whole life. I am daily blown away at the speed of your growth – not only physically, but mentally! You have the absolute sweetest, softest demeanor. You are busy learning and soaking life in at all times. You are seriously ticklish. You are sensitive, snuggly and all sorts of wonderful.

I hope someday you grow to love wardrobe changes- but for now I don’t mind wrestling your little bottom back into clothes as you try and scoot away.

I pray that the way your eyes light up when you see your Bro Bro and your daddy stays that way FOREVER! You truly think Bro Bro is the bees knees. And that’s ok, I think so too!

I constantly pray that your heart forever belong to Jesus first and you grow to be firm in truth and faith! I love you Kobe, every single chubby ounce of you!!!

Kobe’s Likes: BATHS! Bro Bro, tickles, naps, boob (which usually go hand-in-hand), he loves the sound of his own voice, finally likes car rides! WIN! Emptying his bag of toys.

Kobe’s Dislikes: diaper changes, clothing changes, being set down, waking up alone, bananas.

Nicknames: Chunky, chubbers, Kobster, chubba, Bro Bro.

Weight & height: Kobe is 19lbs 2oz and 27.5in tall. I love doing comparisons, and although Kobe seems bigger he’s actually smaller than Crosby was at 6m! (Crosby was 20lbs and 28in tall)


  • Sitting unassisted – rarely falls over
  • Rolls from tummy to back and half rolls from back to tummy. Although he doesn’t really care for rolling!
  • Working on that pincer grasp- sooo cute!
  • Starting solids this week!
  • Not showing any signs of crawling yet but I have a suspicion it will be soon.
  • Making different sounds with his voice