8 Months

Dearest Wild Child (aka: Kobe),

You are brilliant. You are mindful. You are calculated and energetic. Watching your wheels spin and spin and not-so-quietly process the world around you is impressive. Your explosive moods and emotions will make for fierce opposition- but if careful- it will excel you in a huge world of opportunities!

You are spirited – just like big bro! You are… simply amazing. Being your momma is a gift, even when I don’t understand your ways yet! In due time we will sync up and things will bloom!

I admire your tenacious attitude and I cannot wait to see you grow in ways I can’t even imagine!

Love you always, even in my frustration,

Your Momma

Kobe’s likes: Baths, water, swimming, being held, FOOD and/or nursing, learning, singing, dancing, music, tickling.

Kobe’s dislikes: naps. Waking up alone, bananas, when momma walks away, getting undressed (unless the bath is running) or dressed, diaper changes.

Nicknames: Kobbers, chunky, chubba, Bro Bro, Kobe-aww-shee.

Height & weight: His length is yet to be discovered! But Kobe had something that resembled seizure-like activity a few weeks ago and he clocked in at 22lbs 4oz of pure chubba!


  • Says mama and Hi on occasion
  • Still working on attempting to crawl, but scooting lots and if I walk away and come back he definitely makes a lot of progress!
  • Can go from belly to hands and knees to sitting with no effort.
  • Pulling him self halfway up.
  • Rolls around like a wild man.
  • 2 teeth are here and the two top teeth are ALLLLLLMOST through (one has finally cut, just waiting for it to show all the way!)
  • Eats just about anything and everything with zero issues.
  • Showing his sense of humor and calling for specific play-time activities.