Because #momfail : 9&10 months


Dear Kobe,

Your little raspy voice is chatter boxing away in your crib as you attempt a nap. I’m super thankful you are sleeping now. And you’re pretty darn content to be placed in your crib for all sleep times now. Very rarely is it met with too much opposition. I think we all were needing our own sleep space.

You are incredibly ambitious. Your speed and hunger for learning is impeccable. The stairs are no obstacle to you and your interest in walking seems daunting- well to me at least! You have lots to explore and many little people to keep up with. And in my honest opinion- you keep up pretty good!

I love your zealous ‘tude, your love for being held is still my favorite- most of the time. Stay eager buddy, you’ve got lots to offer and I love watching you become YOU!

Love Always,

Your Momma

Kobe’s Likes & Disklikes:

He absolutely loves to do anything in and around water. He is a fish trapped in a baby’s body. He is a sucker for being in mommas arms, a foodie (aka vacuum for all the calories), loves his daddy, singing, dancing, and chasing big bro bro around the house! He does not care for diaper or wardrobe changes, ending nursing sessions, or when momma sets him down or leaves the room for a few.


Chunky. Bro Bro. Bubba. Buddy. Kobbers, Kobs.

Height & Weight:

At his 9m appointment he was 23lbs even and 28.5″ long. He seems to have gotten taller since then as the clothes he once wore well are no longer fitting. So I am assuming his little growth spurt happened just after that appointment. We are in 12-18month clothing for the most part. But honestly, kids clothing is a joke. Never true to size.


  • Saying mama, buh-bye, and hi on occasion.
  • Crawling like a pro and on to the next!
  • Attempting to walk with a little assistance.
  • 6(!!!) teeth!
  • Eating full meals and snacks whenever he can! #chunky
  • Sleeping 10+ hours at night (on average it’s about 10.5hrs) and 2 naps (about an hour-1.5hr each)