11 months (…and then some)

Dear Kobe,

At just shy of 1 full year being on this big ol’ planet – your light shines the brightest. You’re moody like your momma, smart like your daddy, silly like your bro bro, and so.stinking.busy.

I thought big bro bro was a busy boy, you’ve put him to shame. Your eagerness and pace at which you learn and pick up on things (especially humor and wit) is impeccable. Your desire to climb on all the things leaves me on my tippy-toes all day.

I am so lucky to be your momma. You have a sweet and quiet spirit within you baby-cakes. I know God has big things planned for your life- especially that perfectly raspy/husky voice of yours.

I love you- so much!

Love you always,

Your Momma

Kobe’s likes: snacks. I could probably end the list there. But he does enjoy bath time quite a bit! He loves his bro bro, he is especially fond of destroying anything big bro bro has been building, haha! Sometimes you’ll hear him be called “monster baby!”. His favorite food is a banana. Which is funny, cause he hated them for quite a while.

Kobe’s dislikes: diaper or clothing changes take the cake. I legit have to sit on him or put a knee on his chest (gently of course). He’s not a big fan of any type of meat. He is also in “separation anxiety” phase. Ugh. So basically – stage 5 clinger. Thankfully there isn’t much on his “dislike” list.

Nicknames: Bubba, Kobbers, Chunky, Kobs, Little Bro Bro.

Height & weight: Your guess is as good as mine. But maybe around 25lbs and 30″ tall? We’ll know more at the end of September.


  • Proficient at climbing stairs (still needs help going down) and crawling.
  • Cruising furniture like it’s is job (and climbing chairs, tables, etc)
  • Sleeping decently at night- won’t give up that last 3/4am feeding quite yet. (10-11hrs at night, 2 naps: 1-1.5 hrs each)
  • Babbles like cray-cray but all the “words” he was using previously- disappeared. Perhaps they’ll come back soon after he masters…. whatever he’s trying to master haha!
  • Keeps up with Big Bro Bro quite well!

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