Happy Birthday Kobe (a month late 😂)

Kobe is now just shy of 13 months, so basically my motto for his first year of life: Better late than never!

And just like that, he’s 1. What a wild, wonderful, fast, amazing year. I survived. We conquered, we thrived!

Dear Kobe,

You are brilliant. You are intentional and witty. You tend to wear you emotions on your sleeve, just like me. Your heart is tender and sweet. Your spirit is gentle and strong. I am so beyond thankful and grateful for your presence in our family. You being something unique and challenging.

You have been a pretty “fussy” babe and slowly making your way into a joyfully funny kid. You are bright and you learn things extremely quickly and we are consistently impressed with the things that you pick up on and mimic.

God has placed a special gift in you and we are thrilled to stand by you, instilling the truth of who you are in Him.

We love you Kobe!

Love you always,

Your Momma

Kobe’s Likes: Snacks. Give him a “Baaaaar” and “Moaaaaaaaaa!” Are his two favorite things ever. And baths. And playing… naked. Mostly wrestling. Or maybe pushing trucks and race cars around. He really loves to eat. He really loves his bro bro too. Actually- there isn’t much he doesn’t like- unless it’s ending his favorites….

Kobe’s disklikes: blowing his nose, diaper and wardrobe changes. You’d think we were torturing him. I’m guilty of having to hold his down with my knee, then using both hands to do things as quickly as possible. He doesn’t really care for teething either.

Nicknames: Bubba, bro bro.

Height & Weight: 24lbs even and 30″ tall. I was a little off last month 😂

  • Milestones:
    • Walking like a champ
      Signing a little (More, please, all done)
      Mastered the stairs going up and now down with no assistance.
      Trying to ditch that first morning nap and sleeping from 730p-445am (occasionally going back to sleep, but not too often, we’re working reaaally hard at changing this.)
      Saying: Mama, More, Bar.
      Normal, typical development!

    Kobe is truly a joy to our family. We all thoroughly enjoy him!