15….errr, 16.5 months

Well, 15 months has come and gone and yet you find myself falling further and further behind. Oops!

But, here we are! I haven’t given up completely!

Dear Kobe,

You are so wild and so fun! I has no idea your spunky spirit was so… spunky! I can’t tell you how many times a day your dad and I look at each other and laugh over your pure goofiness!

You’ve had a huge increase in your curiosity, an increase in your desire to “keep up”, and a huge increase in your desire to explore! I am amazed at how quickly you learn and your ability to be incredibly resourceful! You are smart, inquisitive, loving, silly, and so full of personality. I even asked your dada to describe you in one word and the amount of words to describe you are endless. Your poker faces game is strong though! You could fool us well!

We love you so much!

Love you always,

Your Mama

Kobe’s Likes: he is obsessed with bath time, his big bro bro, food, wrestling, and books! Kobe still loves to be held all the time, he loves playing games like hide and go seek, or chasing games!

Kobe’s dislikes: diaper and clothing changes. Colds/viruses/ear aches. He’s not a fan of the car lately.

Nicknames: Bubba, Bro Bro, Kobers,


  • Word explosion
  • Ditched his AM nap and is down to one afternoon nap
  • Super independent but needy 🤣
  • Sleeping through the night!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Exploding with fun new skills and activities all the time!
  • All 4 molars are IN phew!

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