Miracles are still for ME!

I thank God daily for the blessings I have received- my boys! It’s not come without a cost though!

2 living children,

5 miscarriages as varying gestational ages.

1 currently brewing in the belly!

🌈 “I’ve seen You move, You move the mountains!

And I believe, I’ll see You do it again!

You made a way, where there was no way!

And I believe, I’ll see You do it again!” •

“Your promise still stands

Great is Your faithfulness, faithfulness

I’m still in Your hands

This is my confidence, You’ve never failed me yet” 🌈




He did it again!!! Rainbow babies are the greatest gift I’ve received. 🌈

(Lyrics: @elevationworship , Do It Again)

This babe was a complete surprise to us! In fact we had just come to an agreement that we were ok with our family and were seriously considering permanent measures to move to the next phase of life. A few days later.. BAM! I cried, it was hard. And stressful. I was not mentally prepared to endure this. I was immediately constantly frozen in utter fear of the unknowns.

Thankfully all is progressing well! And Lord willing we will be welcoming our third BOY into our family this fall (November).


EDD: November 15

Maternity Clothing: duh. A must as of like… 8 weeks 😂

Sleep: hardly. Between kids and pregnancy, it’s not horrific – but it’s not great. I can’t complain too much! My husband is a fantastic nighttime helper!

Food Cravings: tomatoes and green olives. Fruits and roasted veggies. Soup. Pie. All the pie.

Movement: constant. My boys have all been crazy active!

What I’m Loving: not being sick. (1st tri was a doozy.) I’m loving the movement. I’m loving a healthy body and a healthy (chubby!) baby. Little Bubba is measuring 3-4 weeks ahead. I don’t love that part so much, I feel GIANT. But, thankful for health!!!

What I’m looking forward to: LABOR! I love labor. We have chosen a homebirth this time and I couldn’t be more thrilled to be experiencing this all!

I will do my best to label what belly pic is what week 😂 starting with the earliest going to present day! I am now in my 25th week.

And … 25 weeks!

18 months…. HAHA, just kidding 22 months

18 months

So much time has passed. But also, not really. Kobe is now 22 months and he is a spit fire! He is so busy, but mainly he’s just trying to keep up with the bigs. Being the youngest bro and the second youngest cousin, he’s running hard to keep up and do all the things!

These bring us to today!! Kobe is quite hilarious. We often reflect back to his infant stages and how we called him and Serious. He was… well, a little dull, unresponsive, and certainly an major observer. As he’s grown his personality has exploded. He’s certainly not reckless or careless- but I would for sure say he is curious, fearless, and rarely ever stops. He is brave, and often wants to try the more adventurous and sometimes “dangerous” (ok, dangerous to me! Haha) experiences. Comparatively, big bro bro is quite cautious. But if you throw them in certain situations, they can be total flopped and we are once again surprised!

Dear Kobe,

You absolutely melt me. You’re wild and fun spirit remains fully intact and your desire for “dude” time is at an all time high and your preference over then men in your life (dad and bro bro, mostly) is… well, adorable. But sometimes I want that mamas boy back! Someday!! 💜

Your mind is brilliant. You are insanely smart, curious, independent, and unafraid. These are amazing qualities to have and I hope that you continue in your curiosity and deep love for people and family and the outdoors.

You have shown me grace upon grace and taught me so so much about love, parenting, acceptance… and how to stop having mini-heart attacks all day long and trust that you know your capacity- usually! Haha!

You are so so treasured kiddo.

We love you,


Photo Credit: Susan Johnson

Kobe’s Likes:

  • Being outside in the dirt
  • Trucks
  • Snacks
  • Bugs
  • Books
  • Breakfast

Kobe’s Dislikes:

  • Bath time washies
  • Trimming his nails
  • Coming inside
  • Bedtime
  • Nap time


Bro Bro


  • All teeth except 2yr molars are in
  • Walking unassisted/jumping down the stairs (hello heart attack moment)
  • Lots of words, understandable by me and the family, but not a lot understood by others.
  • 1 nap a day about 1.5-3 hrs long, depends on the day!
  • Hemoglobin levels are improving steadily now! (That’s a whole other story!)