The Littlest (for now) turns 2!

Goodness gracious. Those eyes. Those cheeks. That smile. That ‘tude.


Dear Kobe,

My wild one. My fearless, comical, witty, intelligent, strong willed and larger than life sweet boy! You are FULL of life. FULL of attitude. FULL of joy. FULL of so many amazing things.

You are loving, but not affectionate. You are kind. You are an observer but you’re also a leader. I admire so many things about you- even when sometimes it makes me wanna pull my hair out. Thank you for teaching me patience and showing me just how durable little kiddos actually are! Thank you Jesus for no broken bones!

You are meant for big things and you are cherished beyond words.

Love you to the mood and back and again!

Love you always,


Kobe’s likes: Snacks, shoes, being outside, tormenting big bro bro, jumping, running, baths, riding bikes and scooters. He’s a wild man. There’s not much he doesn’t like….

Kobe’s dislikes: Washing his hair. Changing his diaper and occasionally – brushing his teeth.

Nicknames: Bro Bro, Bubba, turbo, Kobster, wild man.

Weight/Height: roughly 30lbs and probably 35in tall? I haven’t measured in a while but I’m sure we’ll get an idea at his next wellness check!


  • Talks much better than big bro bro did at this age, with far more words and 2-3 word combos. Mostly understood by the closest people to him, but a lot is also understood by those who are not around him much.
  • Sleeps 10-12 hrs a night and naps about 5-6 days of the week for about 1.5-2 hrs.
  • Very smart, follows directions fairly well. He seems to be normally developing.
  • Iron levels at 21 months saw some improvement and we will do a re-draw this week.

This is 4

Back in August my sweet first babe turned 4!

Dear Crosby,

How on earth can you be 4?! It felt like just yesterday I was holding you and smooching you for the very first time.

You are so sensitive and so careful and the absolute sweetest soul. I love your big heart and your big feelings- even when I don’t understand it. You are dashingly handsome and those lips are to die for! Thank you for making our lives so much better and your presence here on earth is such a miracle.

We love you big, Bubba!

Love you always,


Weight: 41lbs and roughly 3ft 7in tall. I haven’t measured in a while but he seems to be in a growth spurt lately. He is between 4t and 5t clothing.

Words: Non-stop talking. He still works very hard at his sentences and is very precise on what he’s trying to communicate. He gets easily frustrated when he’s not understood and struggles with a few combo sounds. But otherwise they have said he’s about equal to his peers.

Teeth: He has had all his teeth for quite some time- however at his most recent dentist appointment they did x-rays (I had no clue that was coming- normally I would decline unless there was a reason but since I had Kobe they just did them and didn’t really ask…) and discovered he has an adult tooth making its way up! So we should expect some wiggle teeth in the near-ish future! Hoooowwwww???

Sleep: Sleeps about 10-12hrs a night- just depends. No naps. Hasn’t napped in AGES.

Nicknames: Crozzy, Bubba, Bro Bro, turbo.