4 Months

Howwww? How has time flown by this quickly? 4 months old and such a gift to our family! Seriously, I couldn’t be a luckier Momma!

Kobe’s Likes: He likes to be held. He is very fond of big bro and bath time! He loves attention and the best way to get him to smile is to give an abundance of compliments.

Kobe’s Dislikes: He is still not a huge fan of the car seat. He’s not a huge fan on tummy time or being put down. He strongly dislikes being alone, which– is ok. More snuggles for me!

Nicknames: Mr Serious has returned. Kob-ster. Bruh. Mr Gassy.

Weight & Height: Chubba Bubba is 16.4lbs and 26in long. When Crosby was 4 months he was a tad heavier and .5″ longer. So– basically my boys are like- one in the same.


  • Social smiles and laughs

  • Found his voice

  • Found his toes

  • Batting at and grabbing toys and placing them in his mouth

  • Holds his head up very well

  • Thinking about rolling but….. only kinda. Haha

  • Responds to his name

Kobe is truly a serious kid. It takes a lot of work to get smiles and giggles out of him. But.. apparently I was quite similar as a baby. He and Crosby are so different. Kobe has turned into quite the challenging sleeper although I am hopeful I can steer him back in the right direction. That awful sickness he had really did a number on our *almost* routine. So, we’re all a little short on sleep these days. But, God is faithful and giving me everything I need and then some for each new day.

Kobe has shown some interest in music and can be found singing along when momma sings around the house.

We couldn’t be more happy and blessed with the kiddos we’ve been given. I love this season, even if it’s the hardest, most exhausting, exhilarating and fascinating time of our lives.


3 Months

Kobe’s Likes: Kobe is becoming especially fond of his big brother! He loves the sound of his voice, too! He is also a big fan of snuggles, which I cannot complain about!

Kobe’s dislikes: the car seat. Ugh. Bloody murder screaming. It’s awful. He doesn’t like gas bubbles. And he doesn’t like being set down unless you intend to play with him!

— hmmm not much has changed in the dislike section. Except he does tolerate the car seat a tiny bit better.

Nicknames: Kobeoshi, bubba, sweet boy.

Weight: Chubba Bubba was 15lbs 6oz at his most recent visit!


  • Social smiles and laughs
  • Found his voice
  • Found his toes
  • Batting at and attempting to grab toys
  • Holds his head up very well
  • Thinking about rolling

Kobe had a small run in with RSV and Bronchiolitis. It was intense and super scary. But he has recovered extremely well! Thank you Jesus!

Kobe is such a gift to us, he is such a flexible, easy-going baby! We have been incredibly blessed.

2 Months

Two months has FLOWN by. I can’t even believe how quickly we got from there to HERE already. I assume it will go by just as quickly from here on out!

The transition from one to two kids has still gone over very well! Crosby is an incredible big brother. He’s been just the sweetest and he’s becoming quite the helper. Emotionally however, this last month he struggled and how he showed it was becoming very emotional. But with some extra attention as often as possible he’s feeling secure again!

Kobe’s Likes: he still loves to nurse and sleep– hello good-ish sleeper!!! He LOVES watching his big brother play. He’s starting to love silly expressions on my face. He also loves bath time now– WIN!

Kobe’s dislikes: the car seat. Ugh. Bloody murder screaming. It’s awful. He doesn’t like gas bubbles. And he doesn’t like being set down unless you intend to play with him!

Nicknames: Mr. Serious, Kobeoshi, handsome, bubba.

Weight: Chubba Bubba is 13 pounds even!

How’s Momma: 100% healed and feeling great! Still fluffy- darn pregnancy weight – ugh! But, hopefully nursing helps! Right after 4 Weeks I had noticed myself feeling anxious and sensitive and…. overwhelmed. To the point of anxiety and panic. I started cancelling appointments cause the thought of leaving the house was just too much. After a good chat with my midwife we decided that Zoloft would be a good tool while I work out my anxious kinks! It was probably the best decision I have ever made. I feel amazing. I feel confident, clear headed, evened out emotionally and mentally. I had so much guilt before taking it that I was sure I was making a bad choice. But, after much prayer I discovered that it was the enemy trying to keep me down. I am so glad I spoke to my doctor and I have ZERO shame admitting that I needed a little help!

Kobe, you are such a gift! Truly, you are just as special to me as your big brother!!

1 Month

Here we are! One solid month Kobe has been earthside and it’s been the best month of our lives! My pregnancy was horrible and mentally I was in a deep dark place and fought tooth and nail to stay afloat. On top of that, I had so many people tell me that going from 1 to 2 kiddos was awful and harder than anything. Well, postpartum life has been kind to me. Mentally I am in a better spot and quite honestly I LOVE having 2 kids and I don’t find it overly hard. It has been the sweetest transition so far and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Kobe’s likes: Nursing, being held, sleeping, and music/singing! Kobe is exclusively breastfed and eats about every 2-3hrs. My little piggy is packing on the pounds 💙

Kobe’s Dislikes: Bath time, gas bubbles, diaper changes, and currently he’s questionable in a baby carrier. It’s hit and miss right now. He has been refluxy and the pediatrician suggested colic. I recently started him on probiotics and it seems to be helping- a lot!

Nicknames: kobster, bubba, “Brah”, Crabby pants, MrGrumpy

Weight: over 10lbs now 🐷

How’s Momma?: I am feeling SO good. I had one small complication after birth but it’s seeming to resolve. I recently kicked mastitis’s booty alongside a cold but I feel amazing. I’m actually getting some sleep. It’s not a lot but better than it was with Crosby! 

I feel 100% normal aside from some fluff but that will resolve over time. We are truly having the best time and our routine is settling into place. We are so blessed to have 2 boys!