Maternity Photos – Kobe Jae 2017

I am so greatful to know some amazingly talented people and friends. A beautiful friend of mine, Esther, captured some gorgeous pictures of my big ol’ belly with rainbow baby #2, Kobe Jae. 

After receiving so many negative comments on my body shape and size this pregnancy I feel as though she made me believe just how gorgeous a babe in the belly is. What an honor it is to carry another babe.

Thank you sweet friend, I cherish this moment. Go check her out on FB too, her work is just stunning! 

Esther Edith, doula & photographer 


A Belated Birthday Boy!

Dear Crosby,

On August 6th you turned 2 years old. I couldn’t believe that I simply blinked and you are a walking, talking, fully capable little boy. You are no longer a baby. You have opinions and thoughts and desires and SO many busy plans.

I am continually in awe of your creativity. You can play for hours and you absolutely love  trucks of every kind. You are curious, you love to examine things and study how they work and what it does. In preparation of your little brother you have taken up a love for “building” things with your own screws and hammer and drill. And the way you make up your own meals on your play kitchen – TO DIE FOR.

As I mentioned, you have opinions and when you wake up it’s like you just already know what you want for the day and how you are going to get it. It’s quite ambitious… but sometimes a little hard to negotiate with.

There is no greater task given to me, by God, than to be your momma. It is a privilege. It is rewarding and absolutely humbling. I cannot thank Him enough for the gift He gave me when He gave me you. There are not enough words to accurately express the way you have changed my life and the love I have for you, my son. I pray daily that God helps me to raise you in Him and always know that you belong to Him. I pray daily that you will always know the undying love He has for you.

We love you so much Crosby. We are proud of you and who you are becoming. Grow, bubba, Grow!!

Love you always,

Your Momma


Weight: Crosby was 30 pounds even at his 2 year well-child-check and he was just over 3ft tall.

Words: There was not a lot of activity in this department over the last 6 months, some new words popped up, but many words stayed the same. At his 2 yr check up we were given a referral for a speech evaluation. Upon evaluation they said that he is incredibly smart, he knows what he’s shooting for when trying to talk, and he is excellent at attempting to mimic sounds and words, but he’s just not quite there. They suggested once a week therapy for a while. After seeing what insurance does and doesn’t cover (hello deductible we haven’t met cause he’s so healthy, yay!) we may wait until January and see what we can accomplish at home.

Teeth: We have all the chompers, except the 2 yr molars. But the dentist said they are on their way! His teeth are perfect and I love that he loves to brush! Makes mornings and bedtime easier! (Electric toothbrush is seriously THE way to go!!)

Sleep/Naps: Wakes around 7/730a, nap around 12/1ish-pm and wakes between 230/3p and back in bed by 730pm on MOST days, All those times are a “give and take” 30 mins. Just depends on the day, the attitude, the quality of nap etc. But YAY, he still naps and it’s my sanity!

Nicknames: Bubba will probably stay forever. Chobby is used on occasion. And when he is naughty, I bring out the full name….


Baby Squish #2 Update

EDD: Oct 2nd, 2017 Next appointment: July 10th

Maternity clothes: oh yes. All the maternity clothes. 

Sleep: I think I’m licking out and I am sleeping relatively well now! Thank you Lord!

Food cravings: Salad w/ balsamic vinegar dressing, fruit and coffee.
Symptoms: nausea, aches, pains, big belly, sore chest, lots of nausea. 

Movement: This baby is CRAZY. Like all the time. Constant movements. No hiccups yet that I know of… or have noticed. Maybe soon?

What I’m loving: The opportunity to grow another baby and movement. Otherwise I will admit I do not like being pregnant this time. Hopefully my feelings change- but seeing as this one has been physically more demanding and energy zapping I don’t see me enjoying it for a while. But, I do not take this experience for granted or lightly. It’s just not my favorite thing right now.

What I’m looking forward to: Labor! I’m actually really excited to go through labor and delivery again. I’m looking forward for him to move head down- he’s been breech but we still have time! 
Well here are all the CRAZY belly pics I take – Lord have mercy if we ever attempt a 3rd baby. My belly can only stretch so far. 

Camera Dump!

From nap times to park days…. from spring into summer! I’m soaking in all the time I can with bubba before it’s no longer just he and I. Blogging is few and far between lately but hopefully these pics will be andweet sweet memory for me later in life 💙