Camera Dump!

From nap times to park days…. from spring into summer! I’m soaking in all the time I can with bubba before it’s no longer just he and I. Blogging is few and far between lately but hopefully these pics will be andweet sweet memory for me later in life 💙


Baby Squish #2 – Update

How has it been almost 7 weeks already? Time is seriously flying right by me and simultaneously moving increasingly slow.

This pregnancy I was hit with some pretty severe morning sickness, as I had mentioned. I was on Diclegis (4pills a day) and then supplemented with phenegran and zofran as needed to help control the unrelenting nausea and morning sickness grossness. I’m happy that now, at 20 weeks, I seem to be doing well with zero medications. However I still have some days that really make me wonder if I’m just in it for the long haul. I keep praying I get total relief – but for now it’s very manageable! 

EDD: Oct 2nd, 2017 
Next appointment: May 22nd
Maternity clothes: oh yes. All the maternity clothes. 
Sleep: I must have jinxed myself. Pregnancy insomnia has come to visit, hence why I am updating my blog at 2 and 3 AM. 

Food cravings: Salad w/ balsamic vinegar dressing, fruit and coffee.

Symptoms: Extreme Morning sickness- cannot wait to feel better- thankfully I’m on the upside! My ribs are starting to ache and low back discomfort is a frequent visitor. 

Movement: At 14 weeks I was fairly certain I was feeling a little something. By 16 weeks I knew for sure it was babe bouncing around. And now at 20 weeks I have a distinct pattern down of babes alert times and movements. Matter of fact this babe is MUCH more active than Crosby was. Which basically means babe is on the move

What I’m loving: The opportunity to grow another baby and movement. Otherwise I will admit I do not like being pregnant this time. Hopefully my feelings change- but seeing as this one has been physically more demanding and energy zapping I don’t see me enjoying it for a while. But, I do not take this experience for granted or lightly. It’s just not my favorite thing right now.

What I’m looking forward to: May 22nd! We did not get a good look at all of babes parts and pieces at our anatomy scan. So, lucky me, we get to go back and get another peek at babe! I can’t wait!

On May 12 we had our mid-pregnancy anatomy ultrasound. We were able to see much of the needed parts and pieces of babe and also learn if it’s a he or a she! I am thrilled to share that we will be welcoming another little BOY into our home! It was very fun and surprising to learn that HE was a he! I had suspected it, but also hoped for a little girl. I’m not particularly disapppionted but I do hope that some day I get to be a momma of a little girl. 

Overall things are going very well! Kobe Jae is growing right on track – in fact he is measuring quite some time ahead. But I feel confident it will even out in the end. We have hired our doula and I’ll probably tour the new in-hospital birth center soon to see if it would be a good fit for my desired birth. We don’t really have much “prep” to do because- well I kept all of our boy stuff! So we’ll not need much this time 🙂 

Ta-Da! Here are some bump shots. I am exceptionally larger than I was with Crosby,  however I *think* (and hope) weight gain is relatively the same. But YIKES. This time I have really struggled with my size and shape- but I’m just learning to be in a new body and house another human in a whole new way that he needs. 

Camera Dump!

What a whirlwind it’s been the last few months! The weather has been less than “springy” until just recently and even then it just dumped rain for a few days. We are all really looking forward so some solid sunshine! 

13 weeks

EDD: Oct 2nd, 2017 

Next appointment: April 27th

Maternity clothes: majority of my pants are now the low panel to allow for some wiggle room, but otherwise- nothing quite yet!
Sleep: I am sleeping quite well comparatively to Crosby’s pregnancy. However, my dreams make me toss and turn and I am woken many times due to extreme nausea, nightmares, and the urge to pee
Food cravings: Sushi, cold fruit, ice, lemon water, baked goods.
Symptoms: Extreme Morning sickness- cannot wait to feel better. Thankful for modern medicine- Diclegis has saved my life, coupled with zofran or phenegran.
Movement: Nothing I can say for CERTAIN is baby, but just recently I question some of the bubbles or twists I feel deep down. Hopefully soon I can know for sure!
What I’m loving: The opportunity to grow another baby. The second trimester!!!
What I’m looking forward to: May 12, anatomy scan!! 
Time seems to be going incredibly slow. I can’t believe I’m ONLY 13 weeks. But, I’m thankful for the slowness, this means extra long moments with my boy, Crosby. I can really soak in the moments where it is just US. He’s been a trooper! He’s been so patient with me while I combat some awful morning sickness, which I didn’t have quite as badly with him, and he’s been loving the extra movies and snuggles! 

I’ve been struggling with my diet, I have a huge list of restrictions and some days I win and some days I lose, but I am really starting to focus on cleaning things up. Mostly for proper nutrition and also to ensure I can gain as much energy and health during the pregnancy as possible. Being dairy free, gluten free (and amaranth – which is in most store bought GF items) , egg free, sugar free, soy free, whey free, and yeast free is not ideal while pregnant. I want baked goods, I want breads, I want carbs. So, I’m on a journey to learn to finally use my bread maker, turn on the oven and hopefully spit out some “Morgan safe” products. 

My hubby has been a saint- picking up my slack as much as possible while still working full time and caring for our family. I’m sure it’s not been an easy task and hopefully he knows how deeply appreciated all his help and understanding has been. He’ll fetch me my meds and slice up my lemons and help me find snacks and foods that are safe and healthy for me. He’s made and cleaned up the majority of dinner for the last 2.5 months. Not to mention he’s washed, dried, folded and hung the majority of our laundry. Meanwhile, I sit/lay like a bump on a log and do my very best, which is mediocre. As I wiggle my way into the 2nd trimester I am gaining a tad bit more energy and hopefully trying to wean off my medication in a couple weeks. 

So far, so good. I am thrilled and amazed at the boring pregnancy I’ve had so far. I am now released to regular OB care- so, I’m seeing the same Midwives who had cared for me during Crosby’s pregnancy. 

Thanking Jesus daily for a healthy baby so far!